Want to chop, slice & dice ingredients at your best speed & accuracy? Japanese knives are here to help you perform your daily cutting tasks effectively. These come in a pre-sharpen blade that is versatile, thinner, harder yet durable.

These razor-sharp knives with their thin & versatile blades result in better edge retention. Japanese blades are mainly manufactured at the Imperial Sakai City of Japan, which is famous all across the world due to its knife manufacturing skills. 

To make these knives super sharp, Japanese knife manufacturers use Damascus steel’s layering with a perfect combination of Chromium or Vanadium to let your knives shine & resist rust. This makes it one of the best choices for many western kitchens.

Most of the Japanese knives which you find here at “Tools Of Chef”, belong to Sakai’s craftsmanship. These perform way better & you should consider it an investment with a long-term return.

Though these are a bit premium, when it comes to lasting longer, not a single western knife could beat their life span. If you are good at Housekeeping, these knives can last for at least a decade which is pretty easy to achieve. You don’t need to get them replaced frequently.

If you want to be a professional chef, you need to master your cutting skills first. For this, you should use a versatile knife, & it is better to use Japanese blades to dominate your kitchen crew. Our guides are always there to help you make a perfect selection.