5 Best Yoshihiro Knives Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022

Welcome to this mighty guide in which you will be having the Best Yoshihiro Knives Review for your kitchen right at your fingertips!

A chef spends several years of his precious life to be & work like a pro chef. That’s not so easy at all as it might seem. The selection process for candidates is complex, and they also need to spend several thousand dollars in cash to pay the tuition fee. But in the end, the training is worth it without any doubt.

After graduating and practically diving into the field; their skillset matters a lot. Whether or not you are a skilled person, you must deal with knives. A knife is a key weapon for a chef that helps determine your skills on the countertop. This isn’t a new thing as you have been taught at culinary schools.

So, you are already aware of the importance of picking up the right knife. There are several thousand knives in the market but Japanese knives are truly unbeatable. Now, it doesn’t mean that you will always get a perfect blade. Some replicas aren’t supposed to perform nicely for your career.

We have already listed several hundred high-quality yet competitive Japanese knives that are truly worth it. But, in this guide, we will be specifically taking a look at the Best Yoshihiro knives as a point of reference to fulfill the need for your high-quality knives. These knives are an excellent addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Before getting to our selection of the best Yoshihiro knives, it’s better to take a look at Yoshihiro as a brand. So, you will be completely confident about your selection. Plus, don’t forget to check out the knife that matches your criteria.

Yoshihiro Cutlery | The Rise of a Star brand

Whenever a brand is launched there is always a reason & for Yoshihiro; there are several reasons. However, we will take a look at the key reasons that made them. Yoshihiro was launched almost a century ago to keep their sword & blade-making heritage alive that dates back to the 14 Century of Japan.

Japanese people are so proud of their culture & traditions. When it comes to sword making, they are unbeatable in almost every regard. They have been popular for making exceptionally sharp blades and their traditional artisans are said to have been tracing their lineage back to imperial Japan.

As far as the past is concerned, this is their claim; but the present is undeniable. Yoshihiro knives do perform very decently. Their knives are a perfect blend between traditions and innovations that make them alive still today and ahead.

The tradition and need for sword-making have been lost for a long time. But, Japanese knives are still a popular product all around the world. Whether or not you are interested in their traditions, but you are still very attracted to their knives due to their quality. And this is the point where Yoshihiro excels.

This makes them outstanding and leads them in the worldwide market. Though Yoshihiro has a presence of more than a century; their international appearance is still new, dating back to 2008. But, they have already earned a name here also.

Yoshihiro has launched a variety of knives series since their presence but some of them have earned them huge respect worldwide. That’s why you will commonly find them in almost every part of the world. While others are limited to demand. Here, you will get Gyuto, Santoku, Nakiri, fillet, and almost every sort of knife.

Instead of discussing every single knife that isn’t possible at all; we will have already picked the nicest knives after complex research and analysis. So, let’s dive deeper into our list of the best Yoshihiro knives.

Best Yoshihiro Knives At A Glance

Overall Best Yoshihiro Knife
Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer Hammered Gyuto
Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer Hammered Gyuto
  • Benefits: Durable VG-10 Steel Core, Balanced & Versatile knife, The Non-Stick Steel pattern, With a Pre Sharpened blade, Productive & durable handle
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With the Strengthened Blade
Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Gyuto
Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Gyuto
  • Benefits: Double bevel sharp blade, Balanced & stable bolster, Stain & Rust Resistant blade, A Productive Japanese knife, A Durable & Budget Knife
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The Longest Blade Yoshihiro
Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers 9.5” Gyuto
Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers 9.5” Gyuto
  • Benefits: A Double bevel blade, Full-tang & Balanced, Sharp & versatile blade, A Durable build quality, An easy to sharpen knife
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An Optimal Yoshihiro Nakiri
Yoshihiro 16 Layer Steel Vegetable Nakiri
Yoshihiro 16 Layer Steel Vegetable Nakiri
  • Benefits: Double bevel sharp blade, Productive Vegetable knife, With a Precise & sharp blade, Provides Seamless cutting, Durable & rust-resistant knife
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Versatile & Sharpest Nakiri
Yoshihiro Layered Nakiri Ambrosia Handle
Yoshihiro Layered Nakiri Ambrosia Handle
  • Benefits: Durable Ambrosia handle, Precise & Smooth cutting, 60HRC of Rockwell hardness, An Impressive edge retention, A Double bevel sharp blade
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Yoshihiro Knives Review | Our Best Picks & Review

1. Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer Hammered Gyuto

Yoshihiro VG10 16  Best Yoshihiro Knives
yoshihiro knives reddit 10 Best Yoshihiro Knives Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022

Let’s get started with Yoshihiro’s first-ever chef knife for this list. This brilliant knife got launched back in 2010 and it comes with a lightweight yet optimized weight. Yoshihiro has launched it in just 3 sizes to widen your preferences and needs. However, the 8” version is the perfect one for a lot of reasons. Let’s find out!

Build Quality & Material:

Whether or not you are a brand-conscious person, you need to make sure of the build quality of every knife you get. When it comes to Yoshihiro, almost all of the knives listed here are made up of VG-10 or AUS-10 culinary steel. We won’t be elaborating on their material part from now unless the steel gets changed.

This specific knife features 03 micro-layered central construction for its blade that contributes pretty much to its entire structure. For its exterior part, the knife is packed with a 16-layered composition that makes it incredibly strong and durable.

Additionally, the knife has captured 60HRC at Rockwell scale that makes it brilliantly harder that ensures sufficient longevity. The encryption is even more detailed and its surface features some sort of a non-stick surface.

Cutting & Performance:

Moving forward towards its cutting blade and practicality. This blade, just like other Yoshihiro knives, features a sophisticated and traditional blade right out of the box. Its Damascus pattern increases its beauty. On the other hand, it is meant to enhance your productivity. Thanks to its deep and impressive steel cladding.

The western blade profile makes it pretty balanced for chefs and it also features a dedicated versatility to make it impressive even more. Its spine is a bit tapered instead of being a straighter one that is made up of a considerably thick layer.

In the end, you will get a traditional yet wooden handle that features Mahogany. This handle is supposed to deliver a decent and smooth grip along with comfort as well. It is also pretty well-balanced. Moreover, it features riveted design and a steel cape that protects the handle from absorbing water after being washed.


  • Durable VG-10 Steel Core
  • Balanced & Versatile knife
  • The Non-Stick Steel pattern
  • With a Pre Sharpened blade
  • Productive & durable handle


  • Bolster needs to be optimized

2. Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Gyuto

Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers Hammered Gyuto 
yoshihiro damascus knife 10 Best Yoshihiro Knives Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022

Another chef knife by Yoshihiro is going to be the runner-up of this detailed list. This knife has the same launched date as the first one on this list. It is a lightweight knife even more than the previous one and it features the same blade sizes. You can pick the knife as per your personal preferences.

Build Quality & Material:

Yoshihiro has integrated VG10 steel to make its blade strengthened and durable out of the box. This time, you have got a layered composition of 46-layers for its core construction. The knife is officially produced in Japan by the way.

This gyuto features an incredibly strong blade and it provides you with a Rockwell hardness of 60 HRC. On top of the blade, you will again get a steel cladding that is known as the Damascus pattern. However, this one is a clear and precise pattern.

Yoshihiro has made this blade in high quality and stainless steel design so it won’t rust. Better is to take care of it by hand washing instead of using a dishwasher for it. Otherwise, it is already a stain-resistant blade out of the box.

Lastly, this knife is loaded with sophisticated edge retention that makes it a pretty impressive deal for chefs seeking impressive longevity in their knives.

Cutting & Performance:

This is a double bevel blade that features a bevel of up to 15° for every side. It ensures a razor-sharp blade that is supposed to deal with any sort of cutting pretty impressively. Tsuchime pattern is given to provide reliable productivity at your fingertips. Moreover, its blade is considerably easy to sharpen.

Along with these things, you have got a comfortable handle that delivers an ergonomic feel and it is packed with a decent balance. Moreover, this knife comes with a bolster that improves the stability and control of the overall blade. Furthermore, it is a rust-resistant blade that never disappoints you in this regard.


  • Double bevel sharp blade
  • Balanced & stable bolster
  • Stain & Rust Resistant blade
  • A Productive Japanese knife
  • A Durable & Budget Knife


  • The finishing could be better

3. Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers 9.5” Gyuto

Yoshihiro VG-10 46 Layers 9.5'' Gyuto 
yoshihiro gyuto knife review 10 Best Yoshihiro Knives Reviews and Buying Guide in 2022

The Japanese chef knives are on a hattrick for this guide of Yoshihiro knives review. This gyuto was launched back in 2013 and it features a slightly bulkier construction that is going to be a great choice for advanced & experienced chefs. It is offered in up to 03 sizes but its 9.5” version is outstanding in every aspect.

Build Quality & Material:

With the durable construction of VG-10, the knife makes an ordinary impression. This knife is formed after forged and hammered steel that makes it pretty durable out of the box. With its 46 layers of steel composition, the knife provides a strong pitch that would make it last for a long time out there at your countertop.

Just like the rest of the knives on this list, this knife is also packed with almost the same composition. The knife holds a steel core blade that provides a Rockwell hardness rating of 60 HRC. Of course, it is stainless steel and doesn’t easily rust.

Due to its extensive hardness, Yoshihiro has formed a thin blade so it won’t lose its sharpness, especially in the long term. However, the spine is still thick and doesn’t lack in terms of durability at all. So, it ensures a seamless and precise cutting.

Cutting & Performance:

Being a stainless steel knife; it delivers both durabilities as well as sharpness at the same time. This knife never lacks in cutting as it is manually sharpened after being produced. The blade is thin and it cuts through any sort of ingredient easily.

The blade also features a steel cladding surface to provide a completely non-stick feel to its profile. This knife doesn’t come with any sort of bolster and this point could also serve as a difference between other Yoshihiro knives.

Besides all these things, you will find this knife balanced, versatile, and stable along with all other properties. The wooden handle plays its part to make you feel comfortable while using this out. For the price, it is a very good deal to grab.


  • A Double bevel blade
  • Full-tang & Balanced
  • Sharp & versatile blade
  • A Durable build quality
  • An easy to sharpen knife


  • Edge isn’t the greatest one

4. Yoshihiro 16 Layer Steel Vegetable Nakiri

Yoshihiro 16 Layer Steel Vegetable Nakiri  Best Yoshihiro Knives
yoshihiro knife review

So, here is the first-ever Nakiri by Yoshihiro on this list which is the launch of 2010. It is considerably lightweight but it never lacks in any part either it is design, cutting performance, or if it is durability sort of things. However, you won’t get any size or color preferences for its blade or handle at all.

Build Quality & Material:

With the robust construction of VG-10, the knife provides extraordinary durability to this entire knife. It comes packed with a Rockwell hardness of 60 HRC and it never disappoints when it comes to longevity and strength. The steel cladding is also ample which continues to contribute to making it rust-resistant.

Moreover, the knife has a core blade of 03 microlayers with additional encryption of 16-layers to provide unmatchable cladding. Yoshihiro is adding robustness to this knife that reflects in its edge. This knife features classical edge retention.

The extended blade provides an ability to glide that optimizes the cutting even more. It is a slightly turned blade that stores resilience that further helps you while cutting larger vegetables. Thanks to Yoshihiro’s heat treatment & immense forging. Other than that, the knife is nicely crafted and doesn’t lack finishing.

Cutting & Performance:

Coming to the main point that would lead you to decision making. This Nakiri features a durable and outstanding profile for its blade that brings stability and control while cutting. It is a perfectly optimized vegetable knife by Yoshihiro.

It comes with a straight spine that slices larger veggies right into two pieces. You don’t even have to worry as it provides precise cutting out of the box. The blade is already sharpened, the double bevel makes it even more worthy.

To increase productivity, the steel cladding is nicely integrated and it is also pretty improved. The straight cutting edge improves the cutting even more and it works amazingly on wooden cutting boards. Furthermore, the handle is also decent.


  • Double bevel sharp blade
  • Productive Vegetable knife
  • With a Precise & sharp blade
  • Provides Seamless cutting
  • Durable & rust-resistant knife


  • Bolster needs to be a bit optimized

5. Yoshihiro Layered Nakiri Ambrosia Handle

Yoshihiro Layered Nakiri Ambrosia Handle Best Yoshihiro Knives
who makes yoshihiro knives

This is going to be the last Vegetable knife at this Yoshihiro knives review. Yoshihiro launched this guy back in 2010 and it comes with a lightweight body that is nicely optimized for beginners as well. Plus, you can choose as per its colors as Yoshihiro has launched it in white and rosewood handles.

Build Quality & Material:

Just like the rest of the knives on this list, Yoshihiro is using VG-10 even in these knives as well. However, they have customized the composition a little bit to make it rust-resistant that now brings beauty to the overall knife from handle to edge.

This nakiri is loaded with a Rockwell hardness of up to 60 HRC and provides outstanding durability right out of the box. The edge retention is comparatively very decent as compared to the last Nakiri.

Cutting & Performance:

With this Nakiri, you can deal with any sort of vegetable or fruit within a minute. This knife comes with an exceptionally sharpest blade that never fades off while working. Also, the knife is easy to sharpen as it is meant for professional chefs.

The steel Damascus pattern on top of the blade provides exceptional deliverance in terms of precision. It also increases productivity and provides an efficient and effective cutting experience that you would love.

In parallel to these things, you will find it in a double bevel blade that doesn’t need any intro. The octagonal handle provides stability along with its Ambrosia construction that doesn’t let it fall apart.


  • Durable Ambrosia handle
  • Precise & Smooth cutting
  • 60HRC of Rockwell hardness
  • An Impressive edge retention
  • A Double bevel sharp blade


  • Nothing to argue about

Frequently Asked Questions Best Yoshihiro Knives Review

Summing Up the Best Yoshihiro Knives Review

A cook is supposed to keep multiple knives (if not dozens of) at his kitchen countertop to let him assist while cooking. So, if a knife deceives or doesn’t perform accordingly, there will be another option left to go after.

But professional chefs are completely different. They aren’t supposed to do this. If you want to be like that you need to pick possibly the best kitchen knives so they don’t have to get dozens of knives. If you are a fan of Japanese knives, you should never skip out on this best Yoshihiro knives review that covers their best picks.

Yoshihiro knives are the best ones in the market as they have been making quality knives for more than a century. The traditional methods of manufacturing make them reliable, premium and unique that ensures quality along with deliverance.

These knives come with an exceptionally sharp blade that helps you to deal with any sort of cutting, whether it is slicing, dicing, or chopping. Instead of keeping replacing your standard knives, which is also a costly task, opting for the Best Yoshihiro knives is still the best option for cooks and chefs.

Yoshihiro knives are a complete package for your needs from handle to comfort, sharpness to resharpening, versatility to balancing, and durability to longevity. All these knives come with a pre-sharpen blade and a sheath for protection.

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