Best Global Knives Review and Buying Guide 2022

Global knives are one of the most popular & compelling knives in western kitchens. If you have been a chef for a long time, you must have heard about them. The unique & entirely metallic handle with the ever sharpest blade earns these knives one of the Best Japanese knives.

Amongst the best Japanese knife Brands, Global can never be forgotten. Every chef wants a sharp blade with the most durable handle, and that too for a reasonable price. For this reason, you should never skip the Global Knives Reviews that we are going to present to you here.

Before diving into the Best Global Knives Review, it’s better to get a little bit of intro for the Global brand so you can have a better understanding. Being a reputed Japanese knife brand Global is based in Japan in the city of Tsubame.

Global debuted for the first time in 1985 with its Bunmei series that features traditional Japanese construction along with the design of course. This marks the beginning of a New era for Global which made their way to conquer this segment.

Both in terms of sharp blade & durability, Global stands out undoubtedly the best. They have nicely used the Japanese steel to form an easy to sharpen blade. However, their perfectly welded metallic handle opens a new door of success for them. This helps in precise cutting along with a complete western touch as well.

Every single knife from Global does perform pretty well. However, finding out the ideal one for your tasks is a little bit frustrating as you have to dive through hundreds of knives available out there. So, this guide to the Best Global Knives Review will serve you out for making an ideal purchase for your holy kitchen.

Our Top 3 Picks of Best Global Knives

Global Model X Chef’s Knife – 8″
Global Model X Chef’s Knife – 8″
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 8 inches
  • Dimensions: 14.75 x 3 x 1.13 inches
  • Manufacturer: Global
 Global Anniversary – 7.5″ Chef Kitchen Knife
Global Anniversary – 7.5″ Chef Kitchen Knife
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 7.5 inches
  • Dimensions: 12.75 x 0.2 x 4.75 inches
  • Manufacturer: Yoshikin
Global 3″ Paring Knife
Global 3″ Paring Knife
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 9 inches
  • Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Manufacturer: Browne Canada Retail

Best Global Knives At A Glance

Overall Best Global
Global Model X Chef’s Knife – 8″
Global Model X Chef’s Knife – 8″
  • Benefits: 58HRC Rockwell Hardness, The easy to sharpen knife, Double bevel sharp blade, Balanced metallic handle
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Best Global Chef
Global Anniversary – 7.5″ Chef Kitchen Knife
Global Anniversary – 7.5″ Chef Kitchen Knife
  • Benefits: Smooth & effective cutting, Easy to sharpen blade knife, A Balanced Metallic handle, A Non-Stick Japanese knife
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Best Global Santoku
Global G-48-7 inch Stainless Hollow Ground Santoku
Global G-48-7 inch Stainless Hollow Ground Santoku
  • Benefits: Optimal cutting performance, Pre-Sharpen Japanese blade, A Balanced & Metallic handle, A Durable & long taper edge
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Best Global Vegetable
Global 7″ Vegetable Knife
Global 7″ Vegetable Knife
  • Benefits: Thin & Precise vegetable slicing, Easy to sharpen Japanese blade, Responsive and smooth cutting, Rust-resistant Carbon steel blade
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Best Global Paring
Global 3.5″ Paring Knife
Global 3.5″ Paring Knife
  • Benefits: Double bevel sharpest blade, Versatile & attractive handle, The Durable edge retention, A High-quality Peeling knife
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Best Global Boning
Global GF-31-6 Heavyweight Stainless Steel Boning Knife
Global GF-31-6 Heavyweight Stainless Steel Boning Knife
  • Benefits: An impressive build quality, Durable & versatile handle, Best for poultry boning, With a razor-sharp blade
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Best for Casual Use
Global 7-inch Hollow Edge Asian Chef’s Knife
Global 7-inch Hollow Edge Asian Chef’s Knife
  • Benefits: Durable & rust-resistant, Razor-Sharp cutting knife, The Flexible & a thin blade, A balanced & metallic handle
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The Best Global Knives Review

Across the Global line-up, you will find almost every type of Japanese knives out there. Instead of discussing each of them, we have divided this list of the Global Knives Review into 05 main sections as per their usage and type.

Each section contains at least 02 best Global Knives Review. Together with these reviewed knives, we have also linked to some other best knives, so you can save some of your time. All these Top Global knives are performing on the ground.

Global Chef Knives

1. Global Model X Chef’s Knife – 8″

Global Model X Chef's Knife - 8" Best Global Knives

On the top of the list, we have got you with the Model X for the Global chef knives. This knife was introduced in 2019 with two basic versions with a slight difference in their edges.

Build Quality & Material:

You will find all these knives made up of stainless steel all Across the Global line-ups. This specific model of knife features a custom-made stainless steel known as Cromova 18. Now, you will find a modified composition of Cromova 18 in other Global knives depending upon their ideal use.

This blade utilizes a perfect combination of Molybdenum, Vanadium, Carbon Steel, and Chromium also. The addition of non-ferrous elements in its microstructure helps in forming an elegant & rust-resistant blade.

Model X has got a good amount of hardness in its profile length. This blade is packed with a Rockwell hardness of up to 59 HRC that is categorized as Medium-light hard yet a little flexible blade out of the box.

Here, Global has integrated an incremented ratio of chromium in its manufacturing because this knife has got 59HRC after passing through Ice-Hardening treatment. Otherwise, it would be less durable than what it is currently.

Cutting & Performance:

Model X features a wide blade profile that perfectly stretches out of its length. This wide blade provides a compelling edge when it comes to gliding like a pro. The multi-purpose blade also provides exceptional sharpness.

With this blade, you are supposed to get decent longevity due to its immense resistance to corrosion and rusting. The blade features a slightly round profile due to a tiny bend at its cutting edge.

Unlike Shun Japanese knives, you will never find the Damascus blade or a Tsuchime pattern on any knife from Global. Comparatively, their blade holds almost the same sharpness but you will get a huge difference in their prices. Moreover, all these knives also hold a non-stick blade.

This knife delivers an emerging edge in the end that surely keeps its edge for a long time. The single point edge provides a good pitch for dealing with deep cuts in any vegetable or even in cutting the raw meat.

Overall, this nicely crafted knife from Global performs well. With this knife, you will get a default hollow handle that is made up of rust-resistant metal. This handle is filled with sand that provides an optimal balancing while using it.

Best for Cutting:

Raw Meat, Vegetables, Bakery items, Dairy Products, Fruits, Herbs, and steaks etc.


  • 58HRC Rockwell Hardness
  • The easy to sharpen knife
  • Double bevel sharp blade
  • Balanced metallic handle


  • Can’t resist heat of flame

2. Global Anniversary – 7.5″ Chef Kitchen Knife

Global Anniversary - 7.5" Chef Kitchen Knife global knives

The second best Global chef knife has some respected history. Global had launched this knife back in 2019 for celebrating Global’s 35th Launch Anniversary. This special knife has almost the same profile but you will find a red sticker on its blade.

Build Quality & Material:

Just like the previous one, Global is using the same steel even in this knife with a slightly little yet some effective variations. The Cromova 18 composes its entire blade length that features stainless steel construction.

This is a stamped blade as you can just imagine its plain profile and a clean surface. Global has made this thing to decisively resist the rust & impact loads as well as sharpness for which we will be taking a closer look sooner.

For its blade, this knife features up to 57HRC of Rockwell hardness that makes it a medium-hard Japanese knife. Now, this thing both has an advantage and drawback as well. 

This hardness prevents this blade from breaking or chipping out. Plus, it also makes this knife quite easy to sharpen. You can simply get it done with the Japanese knife Sharpeners. However, better is to sharpen it frequently.

Cutting & Performance:

This magnificent steel helps in maintaining this tiny little edge that ultimately enhances the longevity with the productivity of it. The sharpness is not less than a razor that allows you to cut any ingredient within the seconds. Of course, it also depends on your skill level in parallel.

Global’s 7.5-inches knife features dual bevel blades which makes it compelling and outstanding on the ground. These bevels form exceptionally sharp & victorious blades. However, this sharpness could be wild as it doesn’t come with any sheath.

In this knife, the profile is stunning. The spine of the blade isn’t very thick as it is not a Nakiri, but you can still use this without any need for elbow power. This is wide from the handle part that gradually lower down at the edge.

Global has done its best in providing a completely western outlook to this thing. You can find stamped cladding on its blade just like German knives that provide a Non-Stick effect while cutting. The handle is comfortable & durable by the way.

Best for Cutting:

Fish filets, Chicken breasts, Steaks, Beef, Raw Meat (clean), Veggies, & fruits.


  • Smooth & effective cutting
  • Easy to sharpen blade knife
  • A Balanced Metallic handle
  • A Non-Stick Japanese knife


  • Could eventually rust

Some other Best Global Chef Knives:

  1. Global 7-inch Hollow Edge Asian Chef’s Knife
  2. Global 8″ Chef’s Knife
  3. Global 7-inch Stainless Steel Chef’s Knife

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Global Santoku Knives

The second section of our Global Knives Review is dedicated to Japanese Santoku knives. These knives are considered hybrid knives that you can use for cutting, slicing, and chopping. Their contoured blades are the sharpest ones in the market.

3. Global G-48-7 inch Stainless Hollow Ground Santoku

Global G-48-7 inch Stainless Hollow Ground Santoku global knife review

By far, this is the third senior-most launch of this list by Global. Global launched the G-48 back in 2003, and its transformation has now been completed to serve you on the countertop. So, let’s have a detailed look at it.

Build Quality & Material:

At the moment, this knife is equipped with a brilliant alloy of Stainless steel that doesn’t need praise. However, for the sack of knowledge, it’s better to discover it. This steel is an extraction of blue steel that is recommended for culinary things.

Global is using custom stainless steel with some modification in its structure that makes it even outstanding. This hard steel features molybdenum and vanadium in its microstructure that is sharper as compared to Carbon steel knives.

To provide a premium outlook, Global is also using decent steel that is enriched in Chromium. Both of these steel performs their job effectively here. This is why these models of knives are slightly heavy as compared to other series.

Cutting & Performance:

To provide you with the optimal performance, these knives come with exceptional sharpness. With this sharpness, you can surely deal with any sort of ingredient whether it is a vegetable or a piece of meat.

Global has provided a traditional profile to these knives that you can easily find in Shun, Dalstrong, or the Tuo Cutlery. Their versatile edge maintains their profile for a long time that eventually enhances the longevity of their entire blades.

Though the hardness rating isn’t specific here. But, we do strongly believe this guy has a Rockwell hardness of at least 59HRC which is more than enough hard & sharp. The hefty profile delivers a balanced control while using it.

Lastly, these knives are not truly Non-stick due to the lack of Tsuchime or Damascus pattern. However, Global has provided traditional European dimple cladding that allows easy material removal. Overall, the knife stands out better & its sand-filled metallic handle promotes its deliverance even more.

Best for Cutting:

Steak, Beef, Meat, Chicken, Herbs, Veggies, and Fruits etc.


  • Optimal cutting performance
  • Pre-Sharpen Japanese blade
  • A Balanced & Metallic handle
  • A Durable & long taper edge


  • Requires frequent sharpening

4. Global 7″ Hollow Ground Santoku Knife G 80

Global 7" Hollow Ground Santoku Knife G 80 best global knife

Another 07-inches Santoku knife from Global is known as G-80. Global has launched this knife back in 2015, and it is currently rated as the 85th Best Santoku knife after hundreds of positive feedbacks from its owners.

Build Quality & Material:

This Santoku features stainless steel construction that emphasizes its durability along with the longevity. As this has a very thin blade that delivers precise cutting, Global has revised its steel composition to make this knife more promising.

Currently, the knife is equipped with a compelling ratio of Molybdenum along with Vanadium. Both of these elements along with the carbon & steel prevents the knife from rusting and add stability across its structure so it won’t break.

If you are a casual chef who tends to cook for his family a couple of times a week, this knife is meant for you then. Its light, strong and durable blade makes this thing outstanding without any doubt.

Cutting & Performance:

This is an easy-to-hold knife that is also really deliverable when it comes to sharpness along with productivity. It is a delightful knife with a razor sharpness effect that has no fear.

Global has made this knife very performing due to its durable and sharp edge. This edge maintains its face along with the sharpness for a long time which eventually makes you feel proud as it doesn’t chip easily.

Usually, the Santoku knives have an edge over the chef knives for their body-to-length ratio. Their blades are comparatively short & wider than a chef knife that makes them butter smooth for flawless gliding.

You can use these knives in both your hands as you are not limited to any specific hand with this thing. For its sharpness, versatility, and durability this knife is worth every penny to spend. Though it is stainless steel, you still need to take care of it. Moreover, the handle part is also comfortable and makes it more practical in use.

Best for Cutting:

Meat, Beef, Fruits, & Vegetable Slicing, dicing, mincing, chopping.


  • Versatile & Comfortable handle
  • The Completely Flawless cutting
  • A Razor-Sharp Japanese knife
  • Durable & Rust-resistant blade


  • Sheath should be available

Some other Best Global Santoku Knives:

  1. Global GS 90 5″ Hollow Ground Santoku Knife GS 90
  2. Global 4″ Ground Santoku GS 57
  3. Global Ukon 7″ Santoku Knife GU 04

Global Vegetable Knives

As chef knives are meant for almost any purpose, the Vegetable knives are specifically meant for effectively cutting vegetables. These knives hold a rectangular profile that enhances slicing pretty much.

5. Global 7″ Vegetable Knife

Global 7" Vegetable Knife global chef knife review

On the way to the Global Knives Review, we have got you with our first Global Vegetable knife with 07-inches long blade. This is the senior-most knife on our entire list that dates back to 2001.

Global has launched this one in two different variants. Out of these variants, you can find a Vegetable knife with a 5.54-inches blade, while this one that we are going to review is their 7-inches model which is more versatile.

Build Quality & Material:

Both of these knives are made up of stainless steel that features more carbon content than usual. These knives come in a lightweight construction which provides a fair advantage over the heavyweight ones in the productivity part.

Along with high carbon content, Global has also integrated an above-average ratio of non-ferrous content. These elements consist of Molybdenum and a significant ratio of Vanadium as well.

This modification provides a more resilient blade that also resists the rusting. The knife has a thin profile that enhances the balance along with sharpness. We will specifically talk about its sharpness in the next section by the way.

Being a high-carbon stainless steel knife, this becomes an easy to sharpen a knife. You can simply sharpen this knife just with the ceramic whetstones as well as machine sharpeners that are relatively easy to use undoubtedly.

Cutting & Performance:

As a Japanese manufacturer, Global ensures traditional Japanese craftsmanship and engineering on these blades. However, these traditions sometimes become hard to maneuver for Western chefs.

To encounter this part, Global manufactures hybrid knives to make them maneuverable for western chefs as well. The same goes for this one. Instead of making this knife in a single bevel, Global has made it a Double bevel blade.

This blade ensures responsive & sharp cutting for vegetables. As these knives aren’t truly recommended for other than veggies & fruits. You will also find a durable and promising edge in the end, that provides long-lasting support.

Just like the Global Santoku knives, these vegetable knives also feature a hollow metallic handle that is filled with the Silica sand inside it. You can say, these handles are some sort of trademark for Global knives.


  • Thin & Precise vegetable slicing
  • Easy to sharpen Japanese blade
  • Responsive and smooth cutting
  • Rust-resistant Carbon steel blade


  • Could rust if not taken care properly

6. Global G-56-7 inch Vegetable Knife

Global G-56-7 inch Vegetable Knife are global knives good

This time, Global has made a truly hybrid Vegetable knife. In this knife, they have integrated Western comfort, Japanese sharpness & Chinese design all at the same time.

Build Quality & Material:

Again, you have got a stainless steel blade that is more likely to be known as CROMOVA 18. This is a single-piece stainless steel blade that prototypes one of the best versatility in the market without any doubt.

G-56 has got a 7-inches long blade that isn’t flexible at all. This thing again has its own advantageous & drawback effect on usage. Due to its stiff & tough blade, you can blindly deal with bigger vegetables and fruits like Pumpkin or Watermelon. However, this has made it a little stiff simultaneously, so you should take care of it.

The non-ferrous elements make it resistive for rust and stain. It is an extremely precise knife due to its design and this is an ice-tempered knife by the way. Moreover, this is also relatively easy to sharpen with the ceramic sharpeners.

Cutting & Performance:

To make this knife promising in the sharpness department, these knives feature a double bevel blade to take the deliverance to a completely next level. With these blades, you can easily tear down any citrus or non-citrus vegetable along with herbs just within the seconds.

It has a slightly convex edge in the end that is durable and sharp at the same time. Though you can also deal with fishes, chicken, and other stuff with this knife. By the way, Vegetables or fruits are more maneuverable with this blade.

You will get a sharp, precise, and smooth cutting experience with this blade. Global has used the same standard metallic handle that is filled with sand. This provides stability along with a good balance to this entire thing.


  • Dual-Bevel Vegetable knife
  • A Non-Stick Ground blade
  • Smooth & precise cutting
  • Maneuverable blade knife
  • Durable & rust-resistant


  • Could be optimized for large hands

Some other Best Global Vegetable Knives:

  1. Global 7″ Hollow Ground Vegetable Knife
  2. Global GS-39-5 Vegetable Ground Knife
  3. Global GF-36-8 inch Vegetable Knife

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Global Paring Knives

Paring knives are a second name to the assistant knives. These knives come in a short and thin blade that is ideal for streaming along with the utility or cleavers. The ideal blade length is less than 5-inches at maximum.

7. Global 3.5″ Paring Knife

Paring Knife Global 3.5"  where to buy global knives

This is the longest paring knife from Global on this section that we are going to review right now. Global launched this thing back in 2003 which is currently ranking as 89th Best Paring knife out there.

Build Quality & Material:

With a completely western outlook, Global is likely to conquer this segment very soon. This knife is made up of high-quality stainless steel with a slightly optimized structure in it. The chromium and molybdenum are more compelling here.

You have got a 3.5-inches blade in this tiny little thing. This little yet effective boy is best when it comes to peeling vegetables and fruits like a Pro. The western style of the body makes it more impressive, to be honest.

This wonderful knife has a slightly thicker blade which provides more than enough pitch for peeling. Now, this thickness is from its Spine part which provides you with an intensive yet initial holding spot.

Cutting & Performance:

Due to its less than 12° angle for its single side, these knives stand out both in terms of effectiveness and sharpness as well. The knife provides an impressive sharpness support that you can feel while cutting the veggies.

This knife holds a sharp and a single point edge in the end that is an impressive one in terms of durability. The edge holds its position for a long time to make it promising. It doesn’t chip easily unless you mistakenly abuse it.

Along with this thing, the knife stands optimal in versatility due to its attractive yet metallic handle. Out of every Global knife on the list, this handle is the best one honestly speaking. This provides a productive grip in your hands.


  • Double bevel sharpest blade
  • Versatile & attractive handle
  • The Durable edge retention
  • A High-quality Peeling knife


  • Best for smaller hands only

8. Global 3″ Paring Knife

Best Global 3" Paring Knife

The last Global Paring knife on the list has got a 03-inches long blade that makes it smaller as compared to the previous one. This knife came out there in the market in 2009 that is also lightweight in feel.

Build Quality & Material:

This knife doesn’t need any praise as this is almost the same as its predecessor on this list. Still, the knife is using highly optimized stainless steel in its core blade, which is coated in Chromium steel; Global’s custom-made steel.

The high-tech molybdenum & vanadium steel makes it outstanding again. This is a nicely balanced knife that you can use in both your hands whether it’s right or left. Now, this knife is slightly stiffer and harder as compared to the other ones.

This time, the Rockwell hardness is a little bit harder here. The 3-inches paring knife holds a Rockwell hardness of almost 59HRC which isn’t so hard yet, but it is not flexible either. It could also chip easily if you start using it for boning.

Cutting & Performance:

All of the Global knives not just look good on the paper, but they also perform on the table without any significant exception. Though this knife is not a forged one, ice-hardening and heat treatment has provided them with nutrition.

This knife is undoubtedly sharpened but you need to be right-handed for this knife. Though the knife is dual bevel, however, you need to take care of its short blade as much as you could to get the most out of this little thing.

The cutting edge, in the end, is also optimal but short knives tend to chip faster due to less steel amount in the blade. However, Global has already by-passed this thing with their magical steel which is responsible to deliver a good projection.


  • With Thin & a sharp blade
  • Optimal cutting performance
  • Metallic & comfortable handle
  • A Lightweight yet durable blade


  • Hard to hold for large hands

Some other Best Global Paring Knives:

  1.  Global GS-40 4″ paring knife, Stainless Steel
  2.  Global GSF-17 Bird’s Beak Curved Peeling Knife
  3.  GLOBAL UKON 3.5” PARING Knife

Global Boning Knives

Boning knives are made for dealing with animals’ meat & bones. These knives hold a thin yet flexible blade that makes the cutting fairly easy. Due to their mind-blowing sharpness, you can easily deal with the raw meat after sharpening.

9. Global 6.25″ Boning Knife

best Global 6.25" Boning Knife

The first Global knife holds a 6.25-inches long blade that is a short to medium one in terms of blade length. This is still a versatile blade which is a successful launch of the year 2001. However, Global has effectively kept transforming this blade.

Build Quality & Material:

This boning knife is made up of stainless steel that is loaded with an effective ratio of vanadium and molybdenum out of the box. The knife performs outstanding in terms of sharpness, but boning is also not a big deal for this guy.

This knife holds a balanced and flexible blade which makes it a lightweight one to enhance the performance and versatility part. The stainless steel handle is also nicely crafted that is filled with silica sand to make it maneuverable.

It is an actual model of the G-21 blade and both of these belong to the same family tree. This knife is made up of hard steel that mainly composes molybdenum along with vanadium as well.

Cutting & Performance:

The knife delivers optimal sharpness to deal with the stick meat along with the bones. Its less stiff and flexible blade makes it outstanding in the boning part due to its upgraded yet short bevels of edges.

It is a slightly hefty knife which makes it more supportive in terms of effective cuttings. As compared to traditional blades, this one is still lighter without any doubt. However, a boning knife should be versatile & flexible to perform.

The knife holds a manoeuvrable, versatile, and metallic handle that you will be finding all across Global knives out there. Thus, the knife also stands out optimal in the balancing part, while they are also easy to sharpen with honing rods.


  • Durable & rust-resistant
  • Razor-Sharp cutting knife
  • The Flexible & a thin blade
  • A balanced & metallic handle


  • Hard to sharpen with whetstones

10. Global GF-31-6 Heavyweight Stainless Steel Boning Knife

Global GF-31-6 Heavyweight Stainless Steel Boning Knife

Ending this Global Knives Review with our last Global boning knife known as GF-31. This knife holds a 06-inches long blade that is a launch of 2001. It is a good start for casual and beginner chefs as well as for the butchers.

Build Quality & Material:

Global is using a common stainless steel with no notable modification in its structure. This knife forms a stiff blade due to this reason, however it is still not so stiff. The flexibility is still present here, but the first knife was better than this one.

It still features molybdenum and vanadium sort of elements in its composition but it is almost equivalent to not being outdone. However, you being a casual or a beginner chef can use this thing for sure, instead of professional ones.

Cutting & Performance:

This boning knife is ideal for meat, and poultry boning. Though you can also use it to fillet fishes, however, it is not a task given to beginners. Still, you can opt for these things if you want to practice.

Global is equally focusing on its sharpness along with the durability pretty much. This knife keeps its edge for a long time which helps in maintaining the blade to ensure its longevity.

Just like the other knives, Global has also pasted the same metallic handle that delivers an optimistic control over the knife. This knife has also got a bolster sort of handle which makes it more gorgeous. The practicality is already stable here.


  • An impressive build quality
  • Durable & versatile handle
  • Best for poultry boning
  • With a razor-sharp blade


  • Not for professional chefs

Some other Best Global Boning/Fillet Knives:

13. Global G Series 8 inch Fillet Knife, Stainless Steel

14. Global GF-27 – Heavyweight Butcher’s Knife, 7 inch, Stainless Steel

15. Global G-20 Flexible Fillet Knife 8-Inch

Frequently Asked Questions

Summing up the Best Global Knives

Global knives are a perfect blend of sharp cutting edge, durable construction, versatile & metallic handle for a reasonable price. Their incredibly sharp blade enables you to effectively deal with meat, vegetables & other ingredients.

The chromium-rich carbon alloy steel doesn’t let them rust. This also helps them to keep their edge for a long time. You are likely to get lucrative longevity with these Best Global knives. With the continuously metallic handle, you will be enjoying comfort along with durability at the same time.

If you are just heading towards your professional career who wants a great Japanese knife for a reasonable price, Global knives are at top of the list then. Our guide of the Best Global Knives Review is meant for your professional hands to help you make a perfect selection. Enjoy this guide right now & thank us later!

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