Mercer Knives Review – Best Mercer Knives to Buy in 2022

Before writing this Mercer Knives review, we have been asked several questions about this brand. And of course, we were unable to respond to every query out there as we were planning for this dedicated guide that will kill your curiosity.

Mercer is one of the best Japanese knives brands in the market, which has been popular for making quality knives at an inexpensive price range. Though the market share of these knives isn’t that huge like Shun’s, Miyabi’s, or Yoshihiro; their existing market cap is still loaded with satisfied customers undoubtedly.

As usual, all kitchen knives aren’t pretty the same in performance, look and feel. The main contributing parts could be their pricing and production methods that play a key role to make or break those knives in the industry. An expensive Shun knife couldn’t be compared with Mercer’s budget or even a high-end blade.

The reason behind this is what they are meant for. Shun knives are meant mostly for professionals and expert chefs rather than beginners or casual chefs and that’s why those knives come for a comparatively luxury price. Now, if you are just a casual or beginner chef, you need something performing yet for a cheap price.

This need may not be easily fulfilled with top-notch brands but second-tier brands like Mercer (and a few other ones) could be your best deal. Mercer is considered as a flagship option for the budget knives series and almost all of their knives perform pretty well out there on the cutting boards.

So, if you are also one of those looking to kick start your chef journey but want a quality knife at a reasonable price; this Mercer Knives Review is specifically meant for you. Here, we will take a look at unique aspects of this brand along with their top-selling yet competitive knives ready to perform on the countertop.

The Best Mercer Knives At A Glance

Best Mercer Japanese Style Knife
Mercer Culinary 8-Inch Damascus Chef’s Knife
Mercer Culinary 8-Inch Damascus Chef’s Knife
  • Benefits: 15° Double Bevel blade, An Impressive sharpness, Comfortable G-10 handle, The Durable build quality, Balanced & easy to clean
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Mercer’s Budget Santoku Knife
Mercer Culinary Renaissance M23590 7 Inch Santoku
Mercer Culinary Renaissance M23590 7 Inch Santoku
  • Benefits: For a reasonable price, A Durable santoku knife, The Double sharp bevels, An Easy to sharpen blade
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Mercer’s deal for Culinary Students
Mercer Culinary 23 Piece Millennia Culinary School Kit
Mercer Culinary 23 Piece Millennia Culinary School Kit
  • Benefits: Perfect one for culinary schools, Decent sharpness & edge retention, A Maneuverable cutting experience, Slip-resistant & Comfortable handling
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A Durable performing Gyuto Knife
Mercer MX3 San Mai Chef Knife – 9.5 Inch
Mercer MX3 San Mai Chef Knife – 9.5 Inch
  • Benefits: Balanced & Comfortable handle, Features a durable build quality, 60 HRC of Rockwell Hardness, A Sharp blade with maneuverability
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The Balanced Knife Set
Mercer Culinary Genesis 6P Forged Knife Tempered Block Set
Mercer Culinary Genesis 6P Forged Knife Tempered Block Set
  • Benefits: A Great well-balanced knife set, The Magnetic & tempered block, A Sharp & straight cutting length, Comfortable & maneuverable handle
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Durable & Strengthened Chef Knife
Mercer M20608 Genesis 8-Inch Chef’s Knife
Mercer M20608 Genesis 8-Inch Chef’s Knife
  • Benefits: Exceptional build quality, A balanced cutting knife, Sharp & Precise cutting, Budget Mercer chef knife, Best one for newbie chefs
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Long & Sharpened blade
Mercer Culinary Züm 08 Inch Forged Chef’s Knife
Mercer Culinary Züm 08 Inch Forged Chef’s Knife
  • Benefits: Slip Resistant & a balanced handle, A Double bevel sharp cutting blade, Forged and a durable construction, For a Balanced and flawless cutting
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An Efficient Knife Set
Mercer Renaissance 5 Piece Board Set
Mercer Renaissance 5 Piece Board Set
  • Benefits: Best starter set of knives, The simple & sleek knives, Hard blade & a decent edge, A Durable Magnetic board set
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Mercer’s Cheapest Chef Knife
Mercer Millennia 9 Inch Chef’s Knife
Mercer Millennia 9 Inch Chef’s Knife
  • Benefits: The cheapest Mercer knife, A Maneuverable Chef knife, Sharp & maintainable blade, Best to use for general tasks
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Best Mercer Knives Review | Our Best Picks & Review

1. Mercer Culinary 8-Inch Damascus Chef’s Knife

Mercer Culinary 8-Inch Damascus Chef's Knife Mercer Knives Review

Starting with their ultimate chef knife without that, the list would be incomplete. Mercer launched this impressive boy back in 2020 that features an optimal weight to enhance one’s overall experience. Although Mercer launches this knife in several variations, we will only be considering their general yet thrilling version.

Build Quality & Material:

A premium stainless culinary steel named VG-10 is the main ingredient behind its composition, which makes it exceptionally a classic knife. With this strengthened and durable core, Mercer provides amazing durability to its overall structure. Mercer utilizes laser etching rather than layered steel composition in this blade.

With this in hand, you will not be facing any chipping or bending issues as such, due to an improved alloy. Along with that, you will be having a Rockwell Hardness of up to 60 HRC that classifies the knife as a hardened blade. Though the knife is durable right out of the box, you still need to be practical so it would last a lifetime.

Cutting & Performance:

Minding our business with the performance part of this knife will lead you to a decision. This chef knife is the only knife in Mercer’s fleet that comes with a Damascus texture on the face of its blade. Sometimes it gives a slightly darker look, but it’s just due to the integrated texture. However, it is quite a productive pattern.

To let you perform your cutting tasks perfectly, Mercer makes this knife in a double bevel construction that provides a futuristic sharpness. Of course, it isn’t that exceptional like a Shun’s blade, but Mercer did a pretty good job for the price.

In addition to this, the knife comes nicely packed along with a gorgeous G-10 handle which is loaded with enhanced comfort. Neither it slips nor makes you feel uncomfortable even on longer sessions. Moreover, the stability and control, both are marvelous in this knife.


  • 15° Double Bevel blade
  • An Impressive sharpness
  • Comfortable G-10 handle
  • The Durable build quality
  • Balanced & easy to clean


  • The blade isn’t forged

2. Mercer Culinary Renaissance M23590 7 Inch Santoku

Mercer Culinary Renaissance M23590 7 Inch Santoku Mercer Knives Review

If you are a big fan of Santoku knives, we have captured you with Mercer’s exclusive Santoku blade of this list which belongs to the Renaissance series. With the launch date of 2009, the knife looks exceptionally best and performs pretty outstanding out there in the market. Let’s take a look at its specs in detail.

Build Quality & Material:

To make this durable yet affordable, Mercer is using high-quality carbon steel that provides a strengthened build on the table. According to Mercer claims, the knife comes in a forged construction that seems just a slogan both technically and economically as a forged knife wasn’t possible for such a budget price.

Whatever is the case, the knife provides a durable feel without any doubt. Mercer didn’t uncover the exact steel however, this seems to be a quality German steel. Anyways, the blade comes with a decent hardness which is though less than 60 but still makes the knife practical. Overall, it will provide quite a good longevity.

Cutting & Performance:

So, the performance is going to be an attractive part of this knife. Being a western-styleSantoku knife, Mercer makes the knife with a short yet double bevel cutting profile. With these double bevels, this overall blade provides a sharp and smooth cutting experience. Plus, the resharpening part is also fabulous here in this knife.

Due to its Santoku style, the blade is a little bit wider throughout the line and its spine isn’t quite thick like a gyuto in town. On its face, you won’t get any Damascus or Tsuchime sort of pattern. However, you do get western style dimples for increasing your productivity with this guy.

Due to its silver color, the knife easily catches stains but frequent care will easily override this part. You’ll also get a tiny little bolster for ease in cutting, where its overall handle is also pretty comfortable. It is a round handle that comes with a grip on top of its usual yet durable riveted construction.


  • For a reasonable price
  • A Durable santoku knife
  • The Double sharp bevels
  • An Easy to sharpen blade


  • May require frequent care than usual!

3. Mercer Culinary 23 Piece Millennia Culinary School Kit

Mercer Culinary 23 Piece Millennia Culinary School Kit Mercer Knives Review

One of the main reasons for buying Mercer Culinary is its pricing. And, if you are studying at a culinary school, you need to get things on a budget. Here, school kits come into play for being economical yet performing. Mercer also features such kits so you will be confident while using them out there.

Mercer officially launched this school kit back in 2013 intending to serve culinary students. The set is loaded almost with all the necessary stuff that makes it an incredible school kit. Moreover, its 06 pound weight makes it easy to carry for students. Let’s find more about this set!

Build Quality & Material:

Being a budget brand, Mercer is using alloy steel to form this entire set at its best. To provide you with reasonable durability, Mercer promises a strengthened and hardened structure almost for all of its kitchen knives in this set. Likewise, the steel core makes it extraordinary and reasonable to practice for students.

Mercer didn’t say anything about the Rockwell Hardness of this family due to several members of it. However, they do promise an exceptional life if used and taken care of perfectly. Whatever is the case, you will be happy with this set. Along with that, you will be enjoying a sharper yet rigid edge retention here.

Cutting & Performance:

Before its performance and cutting part, it’s better to know the exact members of this marvelous school kit. Mercer provides a houseful fleet that includes sharpening tools along with several knives and some other things as well.

For the knives, this set is loaded with an 08-inches long chef knife, 11-inch spectacular slicer knife, 6-inches long boning knife, 08-inches of bread knife with serrated teeth, along with a 03-inches of a paring knife. All these knives come with a dedicated knife guard right out of the box.

Besides these knives, you will also be getting a 10-inches sharpening tool, forks, peeler, thermometer, knife case with adjustable strap, a cut ruler, spatula, several sorts of decorating tips along with a pastry bag. So, this is a complete cooker’s package and you don’t longer need anything else after these mentioned things.

All these kitchen knives feature a decent sharpness which would be more than enough for our practitioner and culinary students. The blades are already durable and their cutting is quite maneuverable. Furthermore, all these knives come with slip-resistant and comfortable handles. You will never regret this set!


  • Perfect one for culinary schools
  • Decent sharpness & edge retention
  • A Maneuverable cutting experience
  • Slip-resistant & Comfortable handling


  • The ruler could be great here!

4. Mercer MX3 San Mai Chef Knife – 9.5 Inch | Mercer Knives Review

Mercer MX3 San Mai Chef Knife - 9.5 Inch Mercer Knives Review

From here, we will be talking about chef knives and knives set as both these things are quite common and economical as well. This specific knife comes in a gyuto blade almost of Japanese design rather than a traditional western chef knife. Mercer launched this set back in 2014 that weighs less than a pound.

Build Quality & Material:

Mercer launched this San Mai in a couple of other types of knives with several different sizes in hand. Out of those variations, we will be specifically talking about their Gyuto Chef knife with their 9.5-inches version right out there. As usual, Mercer is using fabulous and high carbon Japanese steel in this knife.

In Fact, for the very first time on this list, you will get a Mercer knife that is composed of a real VG-10 culinary steel. This steel is used to make its actual steel core provide a strengthened base to this entire blade to let it stand out better.

This specific steel features a Rockwell hardness of up to 60 HRC that makes it incredibly a durable knife. One thing should be very clear, the outer part of the knife is made up of high carbon steel that we discussed above, with the lamination of stainless steel on it. So, it won’t capture rusting or stains quite easily.

Cutting & Performance:

For its performance department, you will feel proud. First of all, Mercer has nicely incorporated a Japanese Gyuto design in this blade to give it a quality feel and almost a matching performance of a good Japanese knife. For that reason, they designed their 9.5-inches version that is packed with a lot of versatility.

For decent edge retention, the knife features a razor-sharp and ground edge alongside its 14° double bevel blade. Its strengthened spine makes it more lucrative as it plays a vital part in making your cutting maneuverable and smooth.

Though MX3 doesn’t feature a full-term bolster, its partial design makes it quite balanced and easy to use even for intermediate chefs. Along with all these things, Mercer also adds a delightful and comfortable handle which comes in a riveted construction along with a riveted design out of the box.


  • Balanced & Comfortable handle
  • Features a durable build quality
  • 60 HRC of Rockwell Hardness
  • A Sharp blade with maneuverability


  • Sharpening isn’t so easy for novice

5. Mercer Culinary Genesis 6P Forged Knife Tempered Block Set

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6P Forged Knife Tempered Block Set Mercer Knives Review

Here we go again with a knife set that is exclusively meant for kitchen tasks rather than pastry work. If you haven’t been to any culinary school or you want to start cooking at your home kitchen, you must need a knife set instead of getting individual knives. For this reason, Mercer designed this budget and tempered set!

Mercer launched this simple and sleek family back in 2006 which is considered some of the earliest knives in this ocean of knives. Since then, this set has earned a lot of respect in the eyes of chefs of any level. As compared to the previous one, this set weighs 08 pounds which is a bit more due to its tempered glass block. Rest, the forged knives are quite balanced and easy to control undoubtedly.

Build Quality & Material:

Due to its budget price, Mercer had to use high carbon steel which is still great steel but could not be compared with VG-10 or AUS-10 steel at all. However, to make it a performing set, Mercer has modified the composition of it a little bit.

This block set features German high-quality steel of X50CrMoV15 that is almost similar to Global knives to some extent. With this steel, you will get a durable blade profile that doesn’t disappoint you at any point. The entire set comes in a rust resistance feature right out of the box.

As per Mercer’s claims, these knives are forged instead of getting laser itched. By looking at each of its blades, you can verify their claims as they are forged ones. However, these knives aren’t hot forged but precision-forged so it would be economical. Neither its durability nor its design has any flaws for the price at all.

Cutting & Performance:

Due to their forged bodies, these knives look and feel pretty impressive and delightful. Not just on the table, but also the cutting boards. Mercer adds up to 05 knives in this set where the 6th one being its tempered block itself.

In this short yet pretty useful set, you will be having an 08-inches long chef and bread knife with serrated blades, a 06-inches long boning knife, a 05-inches of utility, and a 3.5-inches paring knife with a magnetic strip incorporated in the set.

Overall, all these knives feature a durable core that houses a sharpened and straight cutting profile to make your cutting experience pretty smooth. With their rightly balanced construction, all these knives become quite handy to use and their Santoprene slip-resistant handle features a comfortable and adorable grip.


  • A Great well-balanced knife set
  • The Magnetic & tempered block
  • A Sharp & straight cutting length
  • Comfortable & maneuverable handle


  • Rusting could occur if not taken care of!

6. Mercer M20608 Genesis 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Mercer M20608 Genesis 8-Inch Chef's Knife Mercer Knives Review

Let’s resume our list of the Best Mercer knives with their Chef knives. Mercer launched several line-ups, but a few of those series grabbed the attention of the chefs. Out of those, we have brought their Genesis series chef knife. M20608 is the Genesis knife which was launched back in 2007 with a lightweight body.

Build Quality & Material:

This budget chef knife comes in a high carbon steel build that features outstanding build quality for the price and performs as it was expected. Here, you will get rust-resistant and a durable blade that doesn’t disappoint you.

Now, Mercer doesn’t officially provide its hardness but we are assuming its Rockwell hardness is within the range of 58 to 60 HRC considering its steel. Due to its forged steel, the knife seems to be less brittle and more durable. The knife doesn’t capture stains or rust until you are properly taking care of it.

Cutting & Performance:

Considering its price, the knife performs exceptionally. This knife features a stable construction along with superior sharpness. With its favorable blade, your cutting stays precise and it also improves your productivity.

It is the first or maybe the exclusive knife at this review that comes in a full bolster. With this bolster, the knife provides you decent stability even if you are a small hand chef. This will result in precision cutting and its comfortable handle takes this precision to the next level.


  • Exceptional build quality
  • A balanced cutting knife
  • Sharp & Precise cutting
  • Budget Mercer chef knife
  • Best one for newbie chefs


  • Edge needs frequent sharpening

7. Mercer Culinary Züm 08 Inch Forged Chef’s Knife

Mercer Culinary Züm 08 Inch Forged Chef's Knife Mercer Knives Review

Züm is the next chef knife on the list and we have captured you with their 08-inches long blade that features amazing versatility. Mercer launched this guy back in 2017 and you will get a weight of up to 10 ounces in this knife. Though we are assuming their 08-inches version for this review; Mercer also launches this specific knife in 09 and 10 inches longer blades as well.

Build Quality & Material:

As usual, you have got a high carbon steel knife and this one features an exceptional build quality considering its price tag. To make things more economical, Mercer is using German steel rather than the Japanese version of it.

Even this carbon steel works and suits well with this knife. You will get a stain-resistant blade here which never captures stains and its edge retention is also one of the best in this price range. The precision forged body adds a durability touch to this entire knife making it stand out for a longer time.

Cutting & Performance:

A performing blade is always a goal of any chef looking for a knife. In this knife, you will hit this goal for a very reasonable price as Mercer designed it for providing a decent chopping experience as a Santoku does.

Over its blade, you have got a durable and thicker spine that comes in a straight line joining its edge in the end. This end is relatively decent in profile as well as in retention so you won’t mess up with it. The double bevel cutting line provides a reasonable precision along with a sophisticated sharpness of course.


  • Slip Resistant & a balanced handle
  • A Double bevel sharp cutting blade
  • Forged and a durable construction
  • For a Balanced and flawless cutting


  • The handle could be more comfortable

8. Mercer Renaissance 5 Piece Board Set | Mercer Knives Review

Mercer Renaissance 5 Piece Board Set Mercer Knives Review

The very last Mercer knife set of this list belongs to its Renaissance series which is a slightly latest launch as compared to other ones. Mercer launched this set back in 2015 and this whole set weighs no more than 05 pounds including its board. Moreover, you can have its Acacia, Rubberwood, or bamboo version of the board.

Build Quality & Material:

With the formation of alloy steel in it, Mercer is using the precision forging method to make this set. This is a high-quality carbon steel set that features a usual stain-resistant German steel that never rusts nor deforms.

With these materials and production methods, this set features a Rockwell hardness of up to 60 HRC at most which are still great. However, you need to be practical here, as harder blades tend to chip easily. Though this set has decent edge retention, precaution is better than cure.

Cutting & Performance:

To make it a performing knife set, Mercer adds major yet commonly used knives in it. Here, you will get 08-inches long chef and 10” bread knives with serrated blades. Moreover, it also consists of a pair of paring knives of different lengths. The magnetic board and handle both are of good build and decent performance.

These knives perform pretty well for the price and the decisive part being their construction and design. Not a single of its knives comes in a pattern or cladding blade to make the blade slip-resistant. Still, the blade is quite maneuverable and doesn’t affect one’s productivity or precision while cutting.


  • Best starter set of knives
  • The simple & sleek knives
  • Hard blade & a decent edge
  • A Durable Magnetic board set


  • Nothing as such to argue about!

9. Mercer Millennia 9 Inch Chef’s Knife | Mercer Knives Review

Mercer Millennia 9 Inch Chef's Knife Mercer Knives Review

Let’s wind up today’s Mercer Knives Review with their Millennia series knife set that comes in a 09-inches long blade. This guy was launched back in 2010 and it has been the best-selling knife of Mercer for a long time. So, quality and performance wouldn’t be compromised here with its 08-ounce lightweight body.

Build Quality & Material:

Mercer has launched this chef knife in a couple of sizes that can’t be completely mentioned here. In any way, you will be able to find your ideal size as per your needs and style. Of course, this is a high carbon steel knife of the German version even though Mercer is claiming it is Japanese which isn’t possible for this price.

You can expect a Rockwell hardness of quite less than 56 HRC which is still justifying the price tag if not your expectations. Anyways, you will get a performing and durable edge that is packed with a lot of durability and precision. Moreover, the blade features a good build and it is easy to maintain, to be honest.

Cutting & Performance:

Now, if you are a beginner chef or just starting out or if you want a budget knife just to deal with your daily general tasks; it is going to be the cheapest addition to your kitchen fleet. And, you will never regret it even if it doesn’t last long!

It is basically a western-style chef knife and you couldn’t relate this to a Japanese chef or gyuto knife. The handle is slightly offset from its blade which provides it a good design. Moreover, its spine is a little bit tapered from the second half part or contoured better to say!

Due to its lightweight design, the entire knife is quite maneuverable and doesn’t lack in terms of performance at all. If you want it to last longer, you should never wash it in dishwashers. The best way is to wash it with your hands and make sure to clean excess water by wiping it out with a dry piece of cloth. So, it won’t start capturing rust. Otherwise, it would become hard to maintain.

With its simplest Santoprene handle, you will be feeling pretty comfortable and its handling will also be quite easier. The handle is durable, sleek, and features a decent grip. However, a full tang or riveted design would make it more prominent.


  • The cheapest Mercer knife
  • A Maneuverable Chef knife
  • Sharp & maintainable blade
  • Best to use for general tasks


  • Durability isn’t quite exceptional

Mercer Knives Review | Frequently Asked Questions

Summing Up the Mercer Knives Review

Though Mercer isn’t a flagship Kitchen knife manufacturing brand; they are still trying to break the seal. In the ocean of several brands, Mercer has to do something compelling and unique so they can attract chefs to their knives. To provide you with a detailed analysis of it, we have finally crafted this Mercer Knives Review. So, you can have a better know-how of this emerging knives brand.

Mercer produces quality knives at significantly reasonable pricing that makes them stand out in the market. As Shun and other major brands have occupied experts and professional chefs, Mercer along with a few other players are focused on beginners, home cooks, and casual chefs who are just starting.

Their knives are made in Taiwan that lets them market their blades at relatively lucrative pricing. Mercer knives are a good fit for people looking for quality knives with sharp and maneuverable blades at a reasonable budget. Their handles provide a comfortable feel and the cutting profile is exceptional in performance.

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