How To Safely Dispose of Old Kitchen Knives

Everything on this planet has an expiry date so do the kitchen knives. So, we need to dispose of things properly and protect others.

When it comes to the disposal of knives, things get more exciting and sometimes critical on how to dispose of kitchen knives properly.

If you have already spent decades standing on the countertop, you know how important it is to maintain your knives. Because not everyone is interested in getting a new knife or set every year once it gets dull.

Although the best knives can last for a lifetime, they also need proper care in order to do so. No matter how dull your knife has been, you can resharpen it, but it takes a significant effort.

Unless your knife is prone to chip or if it is now broken, you should never dispose of it because you are just putting your investment in the trash. It would be better to move on to a fresh set of knives after properly disposing of your knives.

There is a proper way of disposing of them, and unfortunately, many of us are unaware of this. So, we have decided to make this guide on how to safely dispose of knives. Let’s take a detailed look at it!

How to Properly Dispose Of Kitchen Knives

How to Properly Dispose Of Kitchen Knives
  • Before retiring and throwing your knives, we would strongly suggest some pre-steps to take in case your knife isn’t defective. So, one with a need for a knife can take it to use after maintaining it. First of all, we suggest you find any charity organization and donate your knife to them. Don’t forget to make sure if they are accepting it or not. If they don’t, move to the next step.
  • Another way is to recycle your knives to make them usable. Your local metal scrapper or recycler can help you out in this regard after analyzing the material used in the manufacturing of that knife. This practical and environmentally friendly step after putting some effort into a bit of research.

If none of these steps are working, you should go for the last option, which is to dispose of them straight away. But safely and legally!

How to Throw away Kitchen Knives?

How to Throw away Kitchen Knives

If nothing is working on your end, your knives should now be left in the dustbin and trash. But there is a proper way to do this. Otherwise, you can fall into legal trouble besides injuring someone with that knife.

Although, the risk of cutting or injuring someone with a knife is not anymore due to the incorporation of automatic waste management in major and metropolitan cities. But, pre-steps still can’t be neglected. So, it would be better to stay safe instead of feeling sorry.

If you have decided to dispose of your knife in the trash, you should first wholly blunt the cutting line of your knives. This could be done by chipping it on top of a cutting board or metal stuff so it will get rough. Next, you need to break or tuck the edge of your knife. Usually, it could be done by applying pressure vertically on your knife.

Better bend the knife with an offset of at least half an inch from the tip of your knife, so it won’t come out of the cardboard wrap that you will put in the next step. If your knife is already broken, you don’t need to bend the edge, and you can now wrap your blade in thick cardboard and don’t forget to tape it out.

Wrapping your blade through a piece of cloth or newspaper may also work, but a cardboard wrap is a much safer side. Bubble wrap is also a good choice. Whatever wrap you pick, make sure it’s safer and secure.

Then, throw your knife in the trash but not openly. It should not be visible but buried in anything so that it won’t get into the wrong hands. You can also give your knife to your local police station in such a case. That’s all you need to dispose of old kitchen knives in less than 10 minutes.

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