Top 10 Best Meat Processing Knife Set & Reviews for 2022

Cutting down the big chunks from a piece of meat is no doubt a skillful task. If you can manage to get the right knife for it, this could be life-saving for you. An essential meat processing knife set is no doubt the best attribute for these tasks.

The best butcher knives hold a very decent and significantly turned profile. This provides you with wonderful sharpness almost like the Japanese knives. You will find these knives in the professional hands of chefs & mostly butchers.

A best butcher knife utilizes most of the blade length that gives you decent support and smoothness while taking long strokes. Their sharp & strong blades are meant for providing an enhanced sharpness along with lucrative longevity.

You can also get precise and slim cuts into the meat if you have a meat processing knife set. As compared to a chef knife or any other household knife, you can use those blades for any ingredient either veggies or meats. However, for the butcher knives, you shall only be using them with the meat & its processing.

Now, opting for the meat processing knife set depends on your ideal use case which may vary from person to person. If you want the best butcher knives set for your butcher shop, the choices could be different from an expert chef in a kitchen.

You will also get honing rods in these meat processing knife sets as you don’t have much time to resharpen their blade. These honing rods are best at their jobs to remove fats from the blade, so they won’t distract you while operating. Still, the honing rods can never beat the class of Whetstones in any case.

To make the selection easier for these knife sets, we have developed this exclusive list. This list will provide you with our best selections that are worth more than the other existing options out there.

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Our Top 3 Picks of Meat Processing Knife Set

Ross Henery Professional 9 Piece Chef Knife Set
Ross Henery Professional 9 Piece Chef Knife Set
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Pieces: 9 Pieces
  • Weight: 83.84 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 17.01 x 4.8 x 4.65 inches
  • Manufacturer: Ross Henery Professional
Victorinox Forschner 7 Pc Fibrox Deluxe Culinary Knife Set
Victorinox Forschner 7 Pc Fibrox Deluxe Culinary Knife Set
  • Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Pieces: 7 Pieces
  • Weight: 48 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Manufacturer: Victorinox
The Dexter Russell 3 Piece - Cutlery Butcher Chef Set
The Dexter Russell 3 Piece – Cutlery Butcher Chef Set
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Pieces: 3 Pieces
  • Weight: 15.8 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 13 x 5 x 1 inches
  • Manufacturer: Dexter Russell

Best Meat Processing Knife Set At A Glance

Overall Best
Ross Henery Professional 9 Piece Chef Knife Set
Ross Henery Professional 9 Piece Chef Knife Set
  • Benefits: Comes for a reasonable price, The Knurled Metallic Handles, Maneuverable & sharp blades, A Full-tang & well-balanced set
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The Vastest
Imarku 10P Set Japanese German Chef Knife Set Professional
Imarku 10P Set Japanese German Chef Knife Set Professional
  • Benefits: With the Pre-Sharpen Blades, For Smooth Meat Processing, Double bevel Japanese blades, Stable & Well-Balanced knives, Full-Tang Pakkawood handles
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The Multipurpose
Victorinox 5.4913-X1 Fibrox Pro Knife Set
Victorinox 5.4913-X1 Fibrox Pro Knife Set
  • Benefits: The vast meat knife set, With Comfortable handles, An Easy to sharpen knife set, Delivers an optimal Sharpness, Lightweight & balanced blades
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Best for Butcher
Victorinox Forschner 7 Pc Fibrox Deluxe Culinary Knife Set
Victorinox Forschner 7 Pc Fibrox Deluxe Culinary Knife Set
  • Benefits: For Professional & Casual Chefs, Offers for a reasonable cost, A Versatile & Balanced blade, Delivers Precise & Sharp cutting
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Best for BBQ & Grilled
Jero 4 Piece Smoked Meat And Grilling Knife Set
Jero 4 Piece Smoked Meat And Grilling Knife Set
  • Benefits: Frictionless & Flawless cutting, A Well Balanced Processing set, Best for Grilled & Cooked Meat, Delivers some optimal Sharpness, Strengthened & rust-resistant blade
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Comfortable handles
Jero 4 Piece P3 Butcher Meat Processing Set
Jero 4 Piece P3 Butcher Meat Processing Set
  • Benefits: With the Sharpest blades, A Formal Edge retention, For casual & home chefs, Easy to sharpen knife set, Durable & resistive handle
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Best for Students
> Ontario – 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705
Ontario – 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705
  • Benefits: A great value for money, Delivers optimal Sharpness, The Well-Balanced knife set, Blades resists rusting & stains
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Best for Casual
Jero TR Series Butcher Knife Set
Jero TR Series Butcher Knife Set
  • Benefits: The Strengthened & versatile blades, Easy to grip & Comfortable handles, With Smooth & Sharp cutting blades, Lightweight yet a durable knife set
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Best for Beginners
The Dexter Russell 3 Piece – Cutlery Butcher Chef Set
The Dexter Russell 3 Piece – Cutlery Butcher Chef Set
  • Benefits: The Carbon Steel Flexible knife set, Polypropylene slip-resistant handle, Durable & Rust resistant knife blade, Good sharpness for processed meat, An Easy to sharpen beginner knife set
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Best Meat Processing Knife Set | Our Best Picks & Review

In the ocean of knives out there, we have divided these sets into two main sections. One section features the western sort of Meat processing knife set, while the second section exclusively points out the Japanese style set.

Western Style Meat Processing Knives

1. Jero 4 Piece P3 Butcher Meat Processing Set

Jero 4 Piece P3 Butcher Meat Processing Set butcher's knives

Our top pick for today’s list belongs to Jero’s fleet which is a Portuguese knife manufacturer based in Portugal. Their knives are one of the best western knives followed by some big three even in this category.

This is a western meat processing knife set that is easy to handle and maneuver for most chefs. Jero has launched this set back in 2015 and you will get a lightweight package out of the box.

Build Quality & Material:

Jero integrates high-quality alloy steel which is commonly known as German High Carbon steel. They have laminated the steel core with stainless steel. Now, this is not the real stainless steel, instead they have used non-ferrous elements.

With these high-quality materials, the knife set with its every single member ensures longevity for a long time. The knives are tempered and heat resistant that makes them even impressive.

Jero is using polymer handles in these knives which is a decent choice for the prices to make them economical. Even these handles are also heat and slip-resistant which makes them fairly easy to maneuver.

Knives & Performance:

In this Meat processing knife set, you have got access to 04 guys. These guys include a honing rod, a 06-inches western-style boning knife, 08-inches breaking blade with a 10-inches long curved butcher knife.

All these knives are pre-sharpen and you can easily re-sharpen them again and again with the default honing rod. If you are not using them frequently, it’s better to sharpen them with whetstones or machine sharpeners to ensure some life.

Jero has formed these knives with the sharpest possible blades without any doubt. You can feel this sharpness when it comes to practicality. All of these knives stand out in cutting departments.

Their flat and slim blades allow professional chefs pretty much. However, they are not a good choice for professional butchers and shop owners. If you opt for your shop with these knives, you won’t find them satisfying. God Forbid!

Their edge retention is nominal for the design, but you already know the creativity of Japanese edges. Still, the edges are durable and easy to maintain. You can keep using these knives for long sessions.

This set is a perfect choice for casual, home, and some sort of professional chefs with some butchery-related tasks. You can deal with chicken hunting, fish filleting, pork cutting, and fat removal as well. It’s better to avoid raw bones with this set.


  • With the Sharpest blades
  • A Formal Edge retention
  • For casual & home chefs
  • Easy to sharpen knife set
  • Durable & resistive handle


  • Handles could be even easy

2. Jero 4 Piece Smoked Meat And Grilling Knife Set

Jero 4 Piece Smoked Meat And Grilling Knife Set butchers knives

The successor to our top pick also belongs to Jero. With this knife set, you are likely to keep it for a long time to get some outstanding value for the bucks you spent. This is a launch of the year 2017 which is also pretty lightweight.

Build Quality & Material:

This time, Jero is using high carbon steel in manufacturing these knives. To protect them & provide good support against stains and rusting, Jero has laminated stainless steel alloy on its core construction.

For the price, the durability seems to be optimal as you will also get some flexibility. With this knife set, the smoothness could be delightful on the board. The high carbon stainless steel is of German origin, so you can expect a good life.

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As a traditional rival to Asian (Damascus and Japanese) steel, this steel isn’t so superlative in some of the cases. But, this is still a very reasonable and long-lasting deal for the price. The injected handles are their default trademark.

Knives & Performance:

You will get 03 knives in this 4P knife set. Technically, they have also counted its protective case; but it doesn’t work for cutting ingredients except for protecting the knives. For your grille cooking-related meat processing, it is an ideal deal.

These 03 knives consist of a 11.5-inches long slicer knife, a 6-inches western curved knife for boning, and a tiny little 04-inches utility knife as an assistant. The slicer here also holds a complete western geometry with the appearance as well.

All of these knives hold a promising and sharp blade out of the box. You are also likely to get a maneuverable and easy to maintain edge with good support. These knives with their flexible edge provide easy gliding. However, you need to be a master when it comes to penetrate it down deeper as it is a flexible blade.

Together with this, the double bevel standard profile plays a significant part in sharpness to prove its deliverance pretty much. A good thing about these western knife sets lies in their construction. They are flexible & durable both at the same time. While, some sub-standard Japanese blades could be fragile also.

Last but not the least, the handle part is also good for the price, but they aren’t outstanding either. They are well balanced and hold good support due to their lightweight profile. You can easily tear down ducks, chickens & porks as well.


  • Frictionless & Flawless cutting
  • A Well Balanced Processing set
  • Best for Grilled & Cooked Meat
  • Delivers some optimal Sharpness
  • Strengthened & rust-resistant blade


  • Doesn’t comes with a honing rod

3. Jero TR Series Butcher Knife Set

Jero TR Series Butcher Knife Set butcher's knife

Jero won a hat-trick yet for the last time on this list of the Best Meat Processing Knife Set. This set belongs to the TR series by Jero which is a relatively saturated fleet of them. They have launched this set back in 2018.

Build Quality & Material:

This is the only Jero’s meat processing knife set that is made up of some sort of layered steel. You will get macro layers of high carbon stainless steel construction that helps in forming a durable & strengthened core.

All of the knife delivers a relatively durable and performing edge which is also pretty easy to maintain. Unlike the other sets, this one doesn’t feature a flexible sort of blade at all, which means you will get some strong pitch.

The handle part is also not so cool nor so mediocre here as it is worth every penny. With this handle, the comfort is a little bit optimal. Plus, the build with the resistance is also more than enough here. You can also expect a good grip with it.

Knives & Performance:

Just like the other sets, this one is also not so different in terms of deliverance. Here, the blades are nicely designed and contoured that makes it an ideal choice for butchers sort of chefs.

You will get a set of 03 knives with a honing rod in this one. These knives consist of a 06-inches curved boning knife, an 08-inches breaking knife with a 10-inches long butcher’s knife which is more contoured and curved.

With its breaking knife, you can cut down some big chunks of the meat professionally. You can easily hunt down a Rohu, trout, or a Salmon fish responsively. However, these work optimal for pork & deer sort of hard meats.

All of these knives hold a perfectly sharpened blade that is a helpful thing. With this sharp blade, you can now hunt down big pieces professionally as its blade doesn’t get stuck on the way. This helps in making thin and precise cuts effectively. The stiffer and a hard blade makes the penetration smooth & easy.

Moreover, all of these knives are easy to hold and grip. Their comfortable and anti-slip polymer handle provides you a good stability with an optimal grip. Though you aren’t required to do significant single stroking, it is still possible with them. The honing rod is also durable and promising as it was supposed.


  • The Strengthened & versatile blades
  • Easy to grip & Comfortable handles
  • With Smooth & Sharp cutting blades
  • Lightweight yet a durable knife set


  • Better is to sharpen them frequently

4. Victorinox 5.4913-X1 Fibrox Pro Knife Set

Victorinox 5.4913-X1 Fibrox Pro Knife Set butcher knife

Here, we have got you with another great Knife brand which is known as Victorinox. This brand doesn’t need any praise at all. This is the most popular knife manufacturer who makes Swiss Army knives.

Victorinox’s 5.4913-X1 Fibrox Pro is a launch of the year 2004 which makes it the senior-most launch of this entire list. This Meat Processing Knife Set weighs 01 pound making it pretty compact yet a durable set.

They have launched this complete set in a couple of variations. At the moment, you can choose from its 06 different models as per your choices & ideal use case as well. However, the fibrox series contains 14 family members.

Build Quality & Material:

In almost every single set from Victorinox, you will find a European steel manufacturing. All of the knives and members of this set are made up of cooled yet rolled steel that is known as stamped knives.

These stamped knives become easy to manufacture as they just have to set a template in their manufacturing equipment as this keeps producing magical knives. This eventually makes the set of knives for a reasonable price, as compared to forged and manually processed knives or their set.

All of these knives are pretty durable and they also deliver some maneuverable flexibility out of the box. Though the flexibility isn’t that optimal, their durable and resilient edges do their job perfectly.

Knives & Performance:

Victorinox has included 14 multiple knives and some other things in this set. This contains 08 different types of knives. Along with these knives, you have also got a maneuverable honing rod to resharpen these knives effectively.

You can use these knives for any sort of cutting whether it’s slicing or chopping and even for shredding, dicing & peeling as well. Surprisingly, this is the only dishwasher-safe meat processing knife set which is a brilliant thing. Their weight and balance are also decent.

All of these knives are easy to sharpen. These cutting knives hold knives like two Chef’s knives, a single Santoku, Paring, Boning, shaping, and carving knife. You will also get optimal performance for processing meat effectively.


  • The vast meat knife set
  • With Comfortable handles
  • An Easy to sharpen knife set
  • Delivers an optimal Sharpness
  • Lightweight & balanced blades


  • An Expensive Knife Setzz

5. Ontario – 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705

Ontario - 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705 Meat Processing Knife Set trusted butcher knives

Another western brand for your knife set is known as Ontario. This is an American knife manufacturer which has been delivering very decently since the 19th Century. 

If you are a culinary student who wants to practice on meat, this is an ideal deal for you. This comes for a very reasonable price & performance is also decent. Ontario launched this set back in 2008 & their weight is almost a single pound.

Build Quality & Material:

Ontario claims these knives are completely made up of stainless steel. But the case isn’t always the same. This knife set is made up of high carbon steel of good quality and the steel core is encrypted with non-ferrous elements.

This set is made up of completely heat-treated steel that has made its knife durable and resilient at the same time. After heat-treatment, the steel has to go through tempering by nitrogen or any other gas or even through air. By doing this, their blades relieve stress and become more durable than ordinary steel.

As compared to the other sets, this one features a black or dark sort of shade on most of its knives. This seems to be promising in terms of longevity and deliverance, especially for its build quality. Kudos to Ontario.

Knives & Performance:

Being a western or American set, all of these knives sharpened right after cutting any sort of meat. Without doing this, the set will become dull and you will eventually lose this holy set.

By the way, this is a good practice for students as they will also get to know pretty much about resharpening. And, this is why we have said this in the beginning. However, if you are not a student or you don’t want to spend minutes on sharpening, you should opt for the machine sharpeners.

In this set, you will get 05 pieces of knives. This set includes an 08-inches long slicing knife, 02 different paring knives of almost 04-inches long blade & a 06-inches boning life. Together with this, you will also get a 07-inches butcher’s knife out of the box. All of these possess a versatile and above-average sharpness.

Every single knife of this set delivers optimal sharpness, enhanced stability, and a well-balanced profile. As they are made up of high carbon steel, so there is still a chance of rusting unless you take care of it properly. It is recommended to wash them manually as dishwashing will be killing for this set.


  • A great value for money
  • Delivers optimal Sharpness
  • The Well-Balanced knife set
  • Blades resists rusting & stains


  • Needs frequent sharpening

6. The Dexter Russell 3 Piece – Cutlery Butcher Chef Set

The Dexter Russell 3 Piece - Cutlery Butcher Chef Set Meat Processing Knife Set trusted butcher knife

Expanding the list of the Best Meat Processing Knife Set and we have got you with Dexter Russell’s masterpiece knife set. This brand doesn’t need praise as this is one of the oldest & the largest culinary manufacturers in the United States.

This specific knife set by Dexter is a successful launch of the year 2012 which is currently ranking in the top 100 best Chef knives. It is a complete lightweight knife set and let’s have a detailed yet skimmed look at it.

Build Quality & Material:

Dexter Russell is using carbon steel in the manufacturing of this complete knife set. This is the first and maybe the only Carbon steel knife set on this entire list. Now, this carbon steel is not so extraordinary but for the price.

To form this durable and sharp blade, Dexter Russell has revised the steel composition a little bit. They are using a significant ratio of carbon content along with the steel. Together with this, they also feature a durable composition with a very little content of vanadium and chromium.

This addition helps in making all knives rust and corrosion-resistant. Though this resistance isn’t so superior but don’t forget its price tag and you will find it a bit better as compared to the other. Overall, the build quality is satisfying for its price.

Knives & Performance:

It is the first-ever Meat Processing Knife Set on this list that comes with a hollow ground edge in its every single knife. This hollow ground edge helps in ensuring a straight cutting profile & durable edge due to its beveled & concave geometry.

This set features 03 knives in its fleet. All of these knives are beautiful and sharp without any exception at all. Along with the durable edge part, this set further owns a razor-sharp cutting blade. It ensures the deliverance on the cutting board.

These 03 knives consist of a 06-inches long wide trimmer, a boning knife of the same length with flexibility, and a 10-inches steak knife. All of these knives are loaded with a magnificent and somewhat durable yet comfortable handle.

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This set delivers a slip-resistant handle which is made up of polypropylene material on every single knife. The handles are not so prominent for big hands which makes it a great choice for beginner chefs.


  • The Carbon Steel Flexible knife set
  • Polypropylene slip-resistant handle
  • Durable & Rust resistant knife blade
  • Good sharpness for processed meat
  • An Easy to sharpen beginner knife set


  • Not meant for professional chefs & butchers

7. Victorinox Forschner 7 Pc Fibrox Deluxe Culinary Knife Set

Victorinox Forschner 7 Pc Fibrox Deluxe Culinary Knife Set trusted butcher knife reviews

Lasting the section of our Western Meat Processing Knife Set, we have got Victorinox for one more time. This second knife set from Victorinox has got 07 pieces and this belongs to the Fibrox Deluxe series.

If you are a big fan of Victorinox but you don’t want to spend several hundreds of bucks on their set, this is going to be an ideal match for you. Victorinox launched this knife set back in 2013 which is currently ranking as the 25th best Knife set.

Build Quality & Material:

As compared to the other knife sets, this one seems to be more resilient but hefty at the same time. This complete set of knives is made up of high carbon stainless steel of high-quality compositions.

Just like the previous Victorinox knife set, this one is also featuring stamped knives instead of forged blades. This provides you with the latest and durable blade for a reasonable price that is not the case for manually forged knives.

Normally, you will always find a bolster in the western knives which is an annoying thing for some time. All of these knives are easy to sharpen as they don’t come with any bolster either which is the beauty of Victorinox.

Knives & Performance:

This is the first & the exclusively hybrid Meat Processing Knife Set on this list which is meant both for professional & casual chefs along with butchers as well.

You will find seven components in this knife set. This contains a tiny little paring knife of less than 04-inches blade. The paring knife is very useful in providing you with supportive precision for complex parts inside the meat.

Along with this, you have got a 06-inches medium yet versatile boning knife. It’s fine and the price blade holds a sharp point that helps in presenting thin and long slices of meat. This knife is extremely sharp as it was supposed to be in reality.

This boning knife holds its edge for a long time because it is slightly stiffer. With this edge, the knife maintains its sharpness for a very long time. The blade is tough that eventually makes you carry meat out of the bone. Still, better is to not strike the blade on the bone. Otherwise, this is going to be the last meal of it.

You have got an 08-inches of long chef knife that allows you to cut down the meat on the board right before cooking. This chef knife is the most versatile blade in this set as it has an optimal length.

In parallel to all these knives, you have got a 10-inches long slicer with a 09-inches long bread knife. Both of these knives hold an optimal support with the stability that makes seamless possible. Moreover, you have also got a honing rod of 09-inches and all these things come with a protective bag as well.


  • For Professional & Casual Chefs
  • Offers for a reasonable cost
  • A Versatile & Balanced blade
  • Delivers Precise & Sharp cutting


  • Sharpening takes patience

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Japanese Style Meat Processing Knives

Alright, so the next section of this list features Japanese knife sets for processing meat effectively. In this section, you will get 04 different sets that are going to be a good deal for your professional or casual hands.

8. Yatoshi 7 Kitchen Knife Set – High Carbon Stainless Steel

Yatoshi 7 Kitchen Knife Set - High Carbon Stainless Steel trusted butcher knives reviews

Yatoshi is the first Japanese knife set in this section. Now, this is not a true Japanese knife manufacturer, but this set is of the same design & profile. When you will get a thorough look at its profile and performance you will praise them.

With a lightweight of just 03 pounds, the set becomes practical and outstanding on the ground.

Build Quality & Material:

This Yatoshi knife set comes in three different variants in its launched fleet. You will find 07 knives in two out of these variants and the rest variant holds 05 knives in its own set. However, this one is more economical.

This knife set is made up of Japanese steel that is known as 7Cr17MoV. It is a great alloy for culinary sort of knives. This one is formed through high carbon stainless steel with non-ferrous elements composition.

To make this knife brilliant in terms of sharpness, they have integrated carbon along with the chromium to make it rust-resistant pretty much. As compared to some other budget Japanese knives or sets, this one is more durable for sure.

Yatoshi has tried its best to form a durable yet hard blade. However, this one is still a medium-hard knife as its Rockwell Hardness is almost 57HRC. This forms a resilient & promising edge in the end that provides great penetration support.

Knives & Performance:

So, this first Japanese knife set is holding an immense sharpness that holds more than enough support for effective cutting. Its ultra-sharp edge provides an impressive cutting experience which is also easy to maneuver.

With its nicely placed bolster, most of these knives become easy to use for pork & hard sort of meat. This set contains several knives. You will get an 08-inches long chef knife, a 07-inches optimal santoku, bread, slicer, utility, and a tiny paring knife. All these knives are best at their part while the slicer is more optimal.

On priority, these knives are lucrative for meat processing. However, its thickness can also be useful for ingredients other than meat as well. You should prevent it from bones sort of areas. Otherwise, there’s a chance of getting chipped easily.

All of these knives come with a Damascus sort of pattern on their blades. This pattern makes the blade non-stick. The knife set is further encrypted with the comfortable Pakkawood handle. You can keep using it for a long time with the butchery-related Pre-Cooking tasks out there on the countertop.


  • Traditional Pakkawood Handle
  • With the Well-Balanced knives
  • Sharpest & easy to use knife set
  • Non-Stick & Double bevel knives
  • Pakkawood Comfortable handles


  • Slicer knife isn’t so lucrative here

9. Imarku 10P Set Japanese German Chef Knife Set Professional

Imarku 10P Set Japanese German Chef Knife Set Professional butcher knife set

Imarku for the only time on this list. This knife set is a launch of the year 2020. As compared to other sets, this is going to be heftier.

Build Quality & Material:

Being a hybrid knife manufacturer, this one has got a stainless steel construction. Now, this isn’t completely made up of this steel as it isn’t possible at all. Instead, you have got a stainless steel lamination on top of every single blade. This has made this set for a reasonable price. Otherwise, it would’ve been high-priced.

Technically, Imarku features a German steel instead of a Japanese with some modification into its composition. As compared to other knives set, every single knife holds a nominal hardness of just 52HRC or even less.

So, for this soft steel, you should opt for Bamboo sort of Cutting boards to prevent chipping and to get some decent longevity. The honing rod is also given here and these knives are already easy to sharpen. For butchery and meat-related tasks, you should resharpen its knives frequently.

Knives & Performance:

Imarku has made this set pretty economical as you will get 10 pieces of knives along with the recommended bamboo cutting board out of the box. This wooden board delivers good longevity and resistance against sharp cuttings.

Rest, you will get almost 08 different knives for meat processing. This fleet consists of an 8-inches Bread Knife, 7-inches Santoku Knife, 8-inches Slicing Knife, 8-inches Chef Knife, 3-inches Paring Knife, 5.5-inches Kitchen Scissors, 5-inches Utility Knife and an 8-inches long Knife Sharpener Rod.

All these knives deliver a smooth cutting experience when it comes to butchery. You being a casual chef can use this set to get decent processing support. Just like the traditional Japanese manufacturers, this one has also got a double bevel blade. This helps a lot in improving the stability with sharpness.

This set contains a full-tang versatile and comfortable handle. These handles are riveted to prevent falling apart while some powerful strokes. Furthermore, you will find a laminated Pakkawood handle to add some water-resistant effect.


  • With the Pre-Sharpen Blades
  • For Smooth Meat Processing
  • Double bevel Japanese blades
  • Stable & Well-Balanced knives
  • Full-Tang Pakkawood handles


  • All knives are not Non-Stick

10. Ross Henery Professional 9 Piece Chef Knife Set

Ross Henery Professional 9 Piece Chef Knife Set Meat Processing Knife Set professional butcher knife set

The third Japanese yet the officially last Meat Processing Knife Set belongs to a brand called Ross Henery. This is an English culinary brand which is using Japanese engineering & profile on their traditional western designs. So, you will get both tastes in this single meal.

Build Quality & Material:

This complete knife set is composed of high carbon stainless steel that owns a Rockwell hardness of less than 56HRC. However, this steel provides a rust-resistant support to all knives of this set to provide a good value for money.

This knife set is also relatively easy to sharpen due to its high carbon stainless steel construction. You should opt for machine sharpeners to save you some time and get a decent precision without mental struggling.

Moreover, this knife set comes with an optimal edge retention which is also easy to maintain. Their handles are also pretty decent and this is the only knife set with metallic handles more likely as the fewer Miyabi knives.

Knives & Performance:

This set consists of 08 knives and a single honing rod in its complete fleet. These knives contain a 6-inches boning knife, 8-inches chef’s knife, 8-inches bread knife, 7-inches cleaver, 8-inches filleting knife, 4-inches paring knife, 10-inches meat fork & a single 10-inches carving knife.

You will get lucrative and a practical sharpening in most of its Meat processing knives. All these knives come with a double bevel of less than 20°. However, you can resharpen them for fewer angles to ensure perfect sharpness for a long time.

We are very pleased with its knurled metallic handle that provides the best grip with an optimal balance. These knives become slightly hefty from their handle parts to provide improved maneuverability for taking out the big chunks of meat.


  • Comes for a reasonable price
  • The Knurled Metallic Handles
  • Maneuverable & sharp blades
  • A Full-tang & well-balanced set


  • Rusts easily if not taken care

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Frequently Asked Questions

Summing up the Best Meat Processing Knife Set

So these are our selections for the Meat Processing knife set. These knives hold a big and thick blade with a premium edge in the end. You can use them to take out large chunks. Their large belly helps in making a difference between other knives.

A Meat Processing Knife Set seems to be more economical & long-lasting as compared to a single Butcher’s knife. These sets come with a full & prominent fleet for your meat processing tasks. Most sets also come with a honing rod. All these blades assist you a lot in taking down a big chunk out of an animal.

With these knives, you can now hunt down any sort of animal from Pork to Deer and Duck to chicken as well. Their long and versatile blades add decent stability, so you can penetrate this blade effectively. These knife sets also look fabulous and stunning in your kitchen’s arsenal.

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