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A knife with the sharpest possible blade is the core thing for any chef to have in his kitchen. This helps in providing a seamless cutting experience and productivity as well. In parallel, there are many types of kitchen knives and each knife plays amazingly in its domain. Santoku knives can never be replaced by meat cleavers and deba knives can never be replaced by chopping knives.

As you are looking to get the best knives for chopping, we would like to come straight to the point. Chopping knives are considered the backbone of a kitchen as you have to deal with veggies multiple times a day. These knives are designed just to chop for a good deliverance instead of dealing with every sort of cutting like butchering, mincing, and dicing. Let’s take a detailed look at our today’s selection.

05 Best Knives for Chopping | At A Glance

Overall Best Chopping Knife
Shun Classic Blonde 7 inches Santoku
Shun Classic Blonde 7 inches Santoku
  • Benefits: A Double bevel blade, Stable & balanced knife, Productive & sharp blade, Easy to sharp chopping knife
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For Home Professional Chefs
Global G-2-8 inches Chef’s Knife
Global G-2-8 inches Chef’s Knife
  • Benefits: Easy to maintain and resharpen, The Double bevel sharp blade, With a Superior edge retention, Maneuverable and easy to glide
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For a complete western taste
Wusthof Classic Super Glider 8 Inches
Wusthof Classic Super Glider 8 Inches
  • Benefits: Delivers an exceptional sharpness, Precise and a strengthened blade, Comfortable and a balanced handle, Features a fantastic edge retention
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Chopping Knife for Beginners
TUO Fiery Phoenix Series Vegetable Cleaver– 7 inches
TUO Fiery Phoenix Series Vegetable Cleaver– 7 inches
  • Benefits: Balanced & bolstered knife, With an amazing sharpness, Easy to sharpen chopping knife, A double bevel contoured blade
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The Cheapest Chopping Knife
Fam Cute 7 inches 3 Layer Vegetables Knife
Fam Cute 7 inches 3 Layer Vegetables Knife
  • Benefits: An amazingly sharp knife, The comfortable handle, Maneuverable chopping knife, An under the budget regular knife
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05 Best Knives for Chopping | Our Best Picks & Reviews

1. Shun Classic Blonde 7 inches Santoku

Shun Classic Blonde 7 inches Santoku Best Knives for Chopping

Shun is the king of all knife manufacturers and there is no doubt. The level of performance and the zenith of luxury you get in Shun knives are always exceptional. These things make Shun a classic brand to meet the expectations and needs of a chef. We have captured you with their classic blonde for this guide.

This exceptional knife features VG-MAX construction and it has got an amazing core that never easily lets the knife break. Shun is using layered steel to make things durable right out of the box to improve its overall longevity in the long run. Alongside, this Santoku is a multi-purpose knife that can be used for all sorts of cuttings. However, once you dedicate it to chopping, better avoid cutting meat.

The blade has got a plain surface that comes loaded with custom engraving to bring a delightful look to the blade along with packed productivity so your veggies won’t stick with the blade. Likewise, the knife has got a pointed edge at the end which makes it easy to glide the chopping knife out of the box.

Coming to its performance which is the main course of the day. This knife by Shun comes razor-sharp and it has got a double bevel blade. You will get a bevel of no more than 15° on each side for ease of sharpening and brilliant performance also. It has a straight cutting length to bring precision to chopping at your fingertips.

Along with all these things, Shun integrates a beautiful handle in this knife to provide you with decent stability and an overall balanced knife. You will get a nicely crafted Pakkawood handle which is comfortable and waterproof as well.


  • A Double bevel blade
  • Stable & balanced knife
  • Productive & sharp blade
  • Easy to sharp chopping knife


  • A safety sheath would be a plus!

2. Global G-2-8 inches Chef’s Knife

Global G-2-8 inches Chef's Knife Best Knives for Chopping

Global captures this spot with its G2 chef knife which is going to be an all-rounder for your kitchen tasks. This knife was launched back in 2018 and it is performing very decently ever since. The forged blade profile takes its deliverance to the next level and this point along with many others encouraged us to have it onboard.

Being a global knife, this blade looks very professional and its aesthetic look makes it more luxurious. Praise aside, let’s take a look at its performance and construction department. Global uses their flagship Cromova 18 steel to compose these knives. On top of it, the blade is encoded with a stainless steel layer as well.

G2 of Global is equipped with a modern design that looks quite attractive. Its pointed edge features superior edge retention and it doesn’t break easily. Moreover, this has got a slightly contoured cutting length but a completely straight spine for better maneuverability. Alongside, the cutting length itself is quite sharp.

Also, it is a double bevel blade to provide a sophisticated sharpness at your fingertips. The precision is already more than enough and you can take detailed cuts and chopping would also be a nice experience with this knife. Furthermore, the handle is also metallic and its balance is completely on the next level.


  • Easy to maintain and resharpen
  • The Double bevel sharp blade
  • With a Superior edge retention
  • Maneuverable and easy to glide


  • The feel would be much better with a partial bolster

3. Wusthof Classic Super Glider 8 Inches | Best Knives for Chopping

Wusthof Classic Super Glider 8 Inches Best Knives for Chopping

We are not going to limit this guide just to Japanese knives but western knives should also be on the list. This is why we have got you with the Wusthof Classic knife which is a western knife that was launched back in 2014. This mighty knife belongs to the Classic series of Wusthof which houses many impressive knives.

Wusthof is using Precision edge forging technology to make these impressive knives and this brings prosperous durability to its entire construction. This compelling knife uses High carbon steel with some stainless steel properties. Not just that, but it is also going through proper heat treatment as you will get a Rockwell hardness of around 59 HRC in these knives.

These things make it an impactful and durable knife. This is further reflected in its edge retention and overall performance. Its edge retention is now more stunning and it will also improve the rest of the cutting for sure. The stainless steel layering prevents the blade and overall knife from rust and corrosion.

Being a Wusthof knife, this baby gives a complete look of a western knife. These knives come with a contoured cutting length and the spine is also not straight. Now, it does not affect the precision but it could get quite better when compared with the Japanese knives. The thickness of the blade also plays a key role.

Besides all these things, you will get a bolster for a comfortable feel and a balanced performance of the blade. Instead of the Tsuchime pattern of Japanese knives, this knife features air packets of large sizes to prevent ingredients from sticking to its surface. Moreover, the handle is durable and it works great here.


  • Delivers an exceptional sharpness
  • Precise and a strengthened blade
  • Comfortable and a balanced handle
  • Features a fantastic edge retention


  • Air packets are sometimes hard to clean
  • It is not meant for left-hand chefs

4. TUO Fiery Phoenix Series Vegetable Cleaver– 7 inches

 TUO Fiery Phoenix Series Vegetable Cleaver-- 7 inches Best Knives for Chopping

Vegetable cleavers are also very practical when it comes to chopping vegetables with precision. This is not a truly forged chopping cleaver but its build quality is still far better than traditionally stamped knives. TUO is using german high carbon steel to compose this knife and it has been treated through precise tempering.

You will get a Rockwell hardness of 56 HRC and you can sharpen these knives easily. It has a double bevel blade although its bevel is large it still gets the job done. This knife is equipped with an 18° bevel on its one side making a collective angle of 35° and above. You should use Whetstones for these knives.

Look-wise, it gives a Nakiri profile with a heightened spine. The knife is overall balanced and its cutting line is slightly contoured to make it easy to glide. We would recommend using wooden chopping boards to protect the knife from chipping. Also, the edge is nicely pointed and the spine corner is rounded here.

Being a Chinese cleaver, it comes equipped with a full yet optimized bolster to bring meaningful thumb support and provide better usability. It also helps in making the knife balanced and it has got a nicely designed wooden handle that is comfortable and durable though. It is honestly a very nice knife for this price.


  • Balanced & bolstered knife
  • With an amazing sharpness
  • Easy to sharpen chopping knife
  • A double bevel contoured blade


  • The durability could be even better

5. Fam Cute 7 inches 3 Layer Vegetables Knife

Fam Cute 7 inches 3 Layer Vegetables Knife Best Knives for Chopping

Here we go with another decent yet under-budget vegetable chopping knife which is going to be a nice addition to the best chopping knives. Famcute launched this knife back in 2018 and it has been a popular knife for years. You will get this knife in several versions in terms of its blade size and type. The 7” version is better here.

Fam Cute uses high carbon steel in this blade to compose a better knife within a price limit. Now, this knife is obviously not meant for professional chefs, but beginners, students, and casual chefs can surely go for it. The exact composition of steel is not clear but it has a Rockwell hardness of 57 HRC which is very good here.

This is a 7” long blade which is enough to deal with the veggies and their chopping. It is an everyday knife and features almost a straight blade and a straight spine as well. The Tsuchime pattern looks great here and it enhances productivity at the same time. Overall, its maneuverability is very exceptional.

Last but not the least, though it is an entry-level knife and we can’t expect a plethora of features, Fam Cute still tries to make basic things decent and gorgeous. The handle of these knives is simple but balanced and it has got a D-shaped profile. Its complimenting Rosewood design also makes it comfortable.


  • An amazingly sharp knife
  • The comfortable handle
  • Maneuverable chopping knife
  • An under the budget regular knife


  • It is not a professional knife at all!

05 Best Knives for Chopping | Frequently Asked Question

Summing Up the Best Knives for Chopping

Every chef has to deal with chopping every day and it requires the sharpest and the best chopping knife to get things done nicely. Chopping knives could be the greatest investment for you due to the impressive sharpness and design of these knives to ensure precision and a productive chopping experience out of the box.

By choosing the best knives for chopping, you can make your life easier and avoid complicated cuttings. We helped you in bringing the best chopping knives so you can save your time and pick the best and sharpest blade for your further chopping tasks. Just take a look at this guide and explore the knives yourself.

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