Best Japanese Vegetable Knives for 2022 Kitchen

Most western, & European chefs tend to start their journey by maneuvering their cutting skills. To make a perfect meal, you first need to practice your knife as much as you could, and then start making delicious meals.

As, Japanese knives are the best in terms of sharpness, durability, and longevity, the cutlery trainers and chefs put these knives on their priority. The Best Japanese vegetable knives are well-renowned due to their quality, and accurate cuts.

In this guide to the Best Japanese vegetable knives, we will be exploring the best possible options in the market, so you can keep practicing. Plus, these best Japanese knives are capable enough to meet your long sessions in the kitchen.

In a hurry, and don’t want to see this entire detailed guide? Just take a look at this at a glance section, to jump directly toward your desired option, and check that out to save your time.

Top 3 Picks of Best Japanese Vegetable Knives

Global 7″ Vegetable Knife
Global 7″ Vegetable Knife
  • Material: Carbon, Stainless Steel
  • Size: 7 inches
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 14.7 x 3.5 x 0.9 inches
  • Manufacturer: Yoshikin
Shun Dual Core 6.5-inch Nakiri
Shun Dual Core 6.5-inch Nakiri
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.96 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 0.8 x 2 inches
  • Manufacturer: Yoshihiro
WALLOP Japanese Vegetable Cleaver 6.5 inch – Jane Series
WALLOP Japanese Vegetable Cleaver 6.5 inch – Jane Series
  • Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Size: 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 16.16 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 15.4 x 4.1 x 2.1 inches
  • Manufacturer: Wallop

Best Japanese vegetable knives in 2022 | At A Glance

Overall Best
Global 7″ Vegetable Knife
Global 7″ Vegetable Knife
  • Benefits: A thin yet versatile blade, The Durable build quality, An Exceptional sharpness, With a Full tang (1P) handle, A Remarkable design
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Best edge retention
Enso SG2 Nakiri Knife – 101 Layer Stainless Damascus, 6.5-inch
Enso SG2 Nakiri Knife – 101 Layer Stainless Damascus, 6.5-inch
  • Benefits: The superior edge retention, 101-layers of stainless steel, Non-Stick, & sharpest blade, 63HRC Rockwell hardness, A professional Nakiri knife
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Best durable
Shun Dual Core 6.5-inch Nakiri
Shun Dual Core 6.5-inch Nakiri
  • Benefits: The Best durable blade, Sharpest, & versatile knife, Completely Non-Stick blade, A Dual Stainless steel core, Ebony PakkaWood handle
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Most lightweight
Yoshihiro VG-10 16 Layer Stainless Steel Nakiri Knife 6.5-inch
Yoshihiro VG-10 16 Layer Stainless Steel Nakiri Knife 6.5-inch
  • Benefits: Most lightweight knife, VG-10 stainless steel, Balanced & versatile, With marvelous design, Double bevel sharp blade
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The sharpest
DALSTRONG Nakiri – Shogun Series X – AUS-10V Super Steel 6″
DALSTRONG Nakiri – Shogun Series X – AUS-10V Super Steel 6″
  • Benefits: The sharpest blade, Stunning build quality, A Comfortable handle, A good edge retention, Double bevel angle knife
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The Cheapest
WALLOP Japanese Vegetable Cleaver 6.5 inch – Jane Series
WALLOP Japanese Vegetable Cleaver 6.5 inch – Jane Series
  • Benefits: The Cheapest knife, 8-12°double-bevel, A Sharp cutting edge, Strong blade knife, A Comfortable handle
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Best for beginners
Japanese Nakiri Knife, 3 layer 9CR18MOV-7 inch
Japanese Nakiri Knife, 3 layer 9CR18MOV-7 inch
  • Benefits: Best for beginners, Easy to hold knife, A Pre-sharpen blade, Non-stick blade knife, A Durable steel blade
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For casual use
Mac Knife Japanese Series Vegetable Cleaver, 6.5 Inch
Mac Knife Japanese Series Vegetable Cleaver, 6.5 Inch
  • Benefits: Best for casual use, Pakka Wood Handle, Versatile construction, The sharp & thin blade, Lightweight yet balanced
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Under $100
TUO Nakiri Knife – Vegetable Cleaver Knife 6.5-inch Hawk-S
TUO Nakiri Knife – Vegetable Cleaver Knife 6.5-inch Hawk-S
  • Benefits: Best knife under $100, A 8-12° angles per side, 3D Ripple pattern blade, Sharp & maneuverable, A Well Balanced knife
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Easy to sharpen
Usuba High Carbon Pro 7” Vegetable Knife
Usuba High Carbon Pro 7” Vegetable Knife
  • Benefits: Easy to sharpen blade, Smooth & Sharp blade, Very reasonable price, A Double bevel angle, The Comfortable handle
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Omega Series
Dalstrong 7 inch Omega Series Nakiri
Dalstrong 7 inch Omega Series Nakiri
  • Benefits: Full-Tang & Durable Handle, Versatile & a sharpest blade, Robust & a Non-Stick blade, Easy to sharp & rust-resistant
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Shogun Series
KYOKU Shogun Series 7 inch Nakiri Knife
KYOKU Shogun Series 7 inch Nakiri Knife
  • Benefits: Sharp & Versatile blade, A Maneuverable handling, Reasonable edge retention, An affordable Nakiri Knife
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Fiery Series
TUO 6.5 inch Fiery Series Nakiri Knife
TUO 6.5 inch Fiery Series Nakiri Knife
  • Benefits: The double bevel blade, With a Comfortable handle, Provides a decent balance, Quite easy to sharpen & use
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Table of contents show

Reviews of Best Japanese vegetable knives

1. Global 7″ Vegetable Knife

Global 7 Vegetable Knife - Best Japanese vegetable knives japanese knives kitchen

Global is topping the list just like a cherry on the cake. If you are one of our loyal readers, then you would have already known how efficient Global’s knives could be. But, if you are for the first time, Japanese knife brands are a must then.

This Global vegetable cleaver is one of the senior-most launches from Global, and on this entire list. The knife dates back to 2001.

Build Quality & Material:

Opening the box, and you will get a tremendous craftsmanship of traditional Japanese hands. You can get this knife in mainly two variants. However, we will be specifically talking about its 7-inches version.

Global is using Stainless steel construction and fabrication on this entire thing. This stainless steel is way higher than the typical culinary stainless steels, as you have got a perfect blend of non-ferrous alloys into it.

Komin Yamada has tried his best to renovate the modern design on every single inch. This knife is a result of flagship Cromav 18 steel, which holds an above-average durability and perfection.

The knife is enriched in elements like vanadium, chromium, molybdenum, along with the carbon and steel iron itself. All these materials are powerfully engaged with each other due to layering & skilled hands.

Cutting & Performance:

Coming to your main point of interest, how does this knife perform? Being a Global’s knife, this knife truly justifies the tags of Japanese engineering, quality, and western designs.

The knife comes pre-sharpen out of the box, that doesn’t take your patience and force to get the work done perfectly. This knife holds a sharp edge, that is double bevel though, but it slices the vegetables like peeling it.

Its lightweight construction and slightly wide spine of the blade make a decent stability that further leads toward decent sharpness and versatility in usage. The thickness of the blade hardly hits 5mm at its extreme edge.

With this thin blade, you can expect to get fine and deep cuts on your vegetables. Unlike typical Nakiri, this knife is using a slightly fileted edge on the topmost corner of the spine, that keeps the edge retention at its best.

Overall, this knife is a really good presentation from Global’s fleet that can cut down any vegetable with exceptional sharpness. Moreover, the complete metallic design heads toward the handle, making it durable & comfortable.


  • A thin yet versatile blade
  • The Durable build quality
  • An Exceptional sharpness
  • With a Full tang (1P) handle
  • A Remarkable design


  • Sharpening is challenging

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2. Mac Knife Japanese Series Vegetable Cleaver, 6.5 Inch

Mac Knife Japanese Series Vegetable Cleaver, 6.5 Inch kitchen knife in japanese

So, the successor to our legendary knife belongs to Mac, a brand that doesn’t need any introduction. This Japanese tool is a launch of 2007, which is now ranking as the 7th best cleaver knife out there.

Build Quality & Material:

This lightweight knife from Mac features a thin blade that is just 2.5mm thick. Mac is using Alloy steel, which is an alloy of both chromium and carbon steel with slightly high carbon content in it.

At the moment, the knife is using Molybdenum as an alloy, instead of using chromium in its microstructure, that is packed inside its core of the blade. Molybdenum steel is an alloy of chromium and high carbon steel itself. 

Technically, the molybdenum steel alloy is widely used in the engineering and fabrication department of mechanical manufacturers. But, Mac has revised its construction by introducing this strong guy in its knife.

Cutting & Performance:

For its performance part, the knife is one of the best performers here on the list. This knife is using a double bevel blade again, which makes a good complexion along with this blade.

Due to its very thin blade, the knife cuts through almost any type of vegetable on the cutting boards. On top of this good news, Mac has made the blade pre-sharpen, which instantly keeps working upon arrival.

Though this knife doesn’t feature any sort of Tsuchime or Damascus pattern on its blade’s front profile, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the knife sticks to ingredients. To bring some clearance, the knife holds a bevel on the blade side.

This knife is also pretty safe as there are almost zero sharp edges that would have the potential of hurting your fingers. The spine from the topmost corner is also a decent one, as it is slightly round at that edge.

Moreover, the blade is versatile even being a thin blade. Not only that, but the knife also uses a Pakkawood handle, which makes the handle versatile enough to make it unbreakable. Plus, it also adds a comfort zone for your hand’s palm.


  • Best for casual use
  • Pakka Wood Handle
  • Versatile construction
  • The sharp & thin blade
  • Lightweight yet balanced


  • Could rust if not taken care

3. TUO Nakiri Knife – Vegetable Cleaver Knife 6.5-inch Hawk-S 

TUO Nakiri Knife - Vegetable Cleaver Knife 6.5-inch Hawk-S  japanese cooks knives

Tuo for the very first time on this list of the Best Japanese vegetable knives. This knife cleaver belongs to Tuo’s Hawk series, which is currently becoming a popular one out there in the western chef’s markets.

Build Quality & Material:

It is the first knife on the list with high carbon steel construction. Now don’t take this thing easy, as it’s not just an ordinary build Japanese knife. This knife is a forged blade that has locked the carbon elements along with the metals in it.

Again, this is not layered steel, as you can never expect this thing at such a price bracket. Instead, Tuo is using nitrogen ice tempering once it turns from heat treatment. This takes durability to the next level, to make it a durable one.

Just to prevent its blade from corrosion and cracks, this knife is using a cryogenic tempering of non-ferrous elements like chromium and vanadium to pack some resistance for corrosion out of the box.

To make the knife non-stick, Tuo is using some sort of Tsuchime pattern, which they are calling the Ripple pattern. This is a forged pattern, that is not going to leave this blade. So, the knife has a true sense of non-stick blade.

Cutting & Performance:

For the price, the knife delivers an optimal cutting performance, to be honest. Due to its double bevel blade, the blade gives an exceptional sharpness that makes the cutting quality and speed very good.

The knife has an edge over the typical high carbon steel knives that starts capturing rust. This is not the case here anymore, as the knife is also using a stainless steel plating on its blade, which prevents the rust from sitting on it.

Along with its exceptional sharpness, the knife is also pretty durable, aggressive, and lightweight. Now, it is not truly lightweight, but it is well-balanced, making the handling pretty smooth and controllable.

Moreover, the knife is packed along with easy-to-sharp materials, as this is a big challenge in some stainless steel knives. But, we have also encountered it, by providing you with the list of the best Japanese knife sharpeners.

Last but certainly not the least, this knife also holds a professional handle, which is full-tang though. The handle is made up of G-10 which is a strong and comfortable compound of epoxy resins that can also give you water-resistance as well.


  • Best knife under $100
  • A 8-12° angles per side
  • 3D Ripple pattern blade
  • Sharp & maneuverable
  • A Well Balanced knife


  • Handle needs more versatility

4. DALSTRONG Nakiri – Shogun Series X – AUS-10V Super Steel 6″

DALSTRONG Nakiri - Shogun Series X - AUS-10V Super Steel 6 japanese knife cooking

Dalstrong for the first time on the list with its Shogun series’s Japanese Nakiri. This knife is a 2016’s launch, that has already earned a really good reputation in the United States at least.

Build Quality & Material:

This knife is using an alloy steel, that is Dalstrong’s official one, known as AUS-10V. For the first time on the list, you have got a knife with layered steel construction. The knife is using 67-layers of Damascus steel by the way.

This steel delivers an exceptional hardness of 62 HRC on the Rockwell hardness scale, which determines its strength against breaking or bending out. Along with this, the knife is also enriched in a high carbon stainless steel layer on the blade.

Just to make the knife durable as much as they could, Dalstrong is also using heat treatment, and nitrogen tempering on its blade core. This hardens the micro-structure, once it passes from heat to nitrogen treatment.

Being a Japanese steel knife, this knife doesn’t capture the rusting or corrosion so easily. This enhances the overall lifespan of the blade, which you can further increase by optimizing the sharpness of it. 

Cutting & Performance:

In terms of sharpness, Dalstrong is the best Japanese knife brand, whose knives give an exceptional sharpness range. This is due to so many reasons. Sometimes, it is due to avoiding batch production and the designing of its blade.

Just like the other Japanese knives, this one also holds a double bevel angle, as it is somewhat standard and recommended for vegetable Nakiri knives. This specific knife owns a wide cutting edge on its extra-wide spine of the blade.

Along with this, the knife is well-balanced, which classifies this lightweight to medium blade. Plus, it is also a non-stick knife due to its Tsuchime pattern. As this owns slightly deep dimples, so there’s no chance of sticking the ingredients.

By far, this is the first knife on the list that comes along with a plastic sheath to keep it secure from both environments and to protect sudden impacts on your fingers. Its comfortable G-10 handle is also worth your time, and money.


  • The sharpest blade
  • Stunning build quality
  • A Comfortable handle
  • A good edge retention
  • Double bevel angle knife


  • Slightly heavy knife

5. WALLOP Japanese Vegetable Cleaver 6.5 inch – Jane Series

WALLOP Japanese Vegetable Cleaver 6.5 inch - Jane Series japanese vegetable knife

On the way to the Best Japanese vegetable knives is going to take you towards its incredible cleaver, which is known as the Nakiri knife. This budget Japanese knife is a successful launch of 2020. Currently, it is the 65th best Nakiri out there.

Build Quality & Material:

This knife comes in a whole lot of variants, types, and variations in its fleet. But, we will be specifically talking about its 6.5-inches Nakiri, although there is one with a 7-inches cleaver. However, the context will remain the same in that case as well.

Wallop is using an above-average stainless german steel in its core making, which makes the knife pretty solid in its stability, and durability. The exact model of this German steel is  1.4116, which is a recommended one for culinary products.

To make the blade quite flexible, and everlasting at the same time, this knife has got a Rockwell Hardness of 56HRC at its higher value. Now, this is not that greatest when comparing it to others, but don’t forget its flexibility against tension.

Wallop is also trying its best to make the knife stain, rust, and corrosion resistive. And, this is somewhat promising as well. This knife doesn’t capture rusting so easily, as it is encoded in stainless and chromium alloy on top of its front profile.

Cutting & Performance:

This is an exclusively slicing, and chopping knife, that makes the vegetable preparation at its best. Due to its double bevel blade, the blade also performs well in terms of sharpness.

As a high-quality yet high carbon steel knife, this knife is fairly easy to sharpen. But at the same time, there is a chance of rust if you don’t know how to take care of it properly. Or, you are so busy in your job and unable to take care of it.

So, this knife is a better match for household, beginners, and light tasks, to get the most out of it. If you are a professional sort of chef, then its former, and some others upcoming knife could be your best companion.

Just to make the knife comfortable, Wallop is using a full-tang handle that is also triple-riveted, so that it won’t leave you on the way in your tasks. This Pakkawood handle also makes a good first impression, as it is also well-balanced in use.


  • The Cheapest knife
  • 8-12°double-bevel
  • A Sharp cutting edge
  • Strong blade knife
  • A Comfortable handle


  • It’s not a non-stick blade

6. Shun Dual Core 6.5-inch Nakiri | Best Japanese Vegetable Knives

Shun Dual Core 6.5-inch Nakiri - Best Japanese vegetable knives vegetable knife japanese

Shun is one of the premium-most knives here on the list, for the very first, yet for the last time on this list. This Nakiri is a launch of 2018, & it is now ranking as the 18th best Vegetable knife.

Build Quality & Material:

Being a premium knife manufacturer, Shun also uses the premium components and elements in its blade to make it ever-lasting, and supportive to work for a very long time. This professional & premium knife is a result of layered stainless steel.

Shun is using two types of stainless steel, and this is why the knife has got the name of Dual-core. One steel is known as VG-10, while the other one is called VG-2. Both of these steels provide an incredible strength to its core.

Collectively, the knife has got a core after 71 layerings which are roll forged ones. In this method, the steel gets its shape after rolling for a very long time simultaneously. It results in a fine grain structure that makes it durable.

Not only that, Shun is using an enhanced version of high-quality stainless, molybdenum, vanadium, and chromium steels in its manufacturing. All of these steels are laminated through heat forging, making it the most premium one.

Cutting & Performance:

As the most premium knife, there is not a single chance of rusting, bending, chipping or any other after purchase problems. But, what makes the knife interesting is its sharpness.

We would say, this knife is the second sharpest knife after Dalstrong on the list. This knife can go through any vegetable, either hard or soft. Still, it is not a good choice of using it on freaking frozen knives if you want it for a lifetime.

On its herringbone blade, Shun is using a herringbone pattern, which is the unique one on the list. In terms of sticking, this knife is completely non-stick and better to say a magical knife, as it can never stick to ingredients frequently.

Along with the sharpness, and non-stick knife, the performance becomes outstanding due to its waterproof, and Pakkawood handle. This is one of the most comfortable handles, to be honest.


  • The Best durable blade
  • Sharpest, & versatile knife
  • Completely Non-Stick blade
  • A Dual Stainless steel core
  • Ebony PakkaWood handle


  • Price is pretty premium

7. Enso SG2 Nakiri Knife – 101 Layer Stainless Damascus, 6.5-inch

Enso SG2 Nakiri Knife - 101 Layer Stainless Damascus, 6.5-inch japanese style knife

Enso has got you on the seventh spot on this list of the Best Japanese vegetable knives. It is another premium knife, that is a launch of the year 2018.

Build Quality & Material:

It is the only knife on the list, that is using powder carbide steel particles in its steel core. This carbide fulfills those pretty small gaps in the core easily, which makes the knife completely solid, and durable at the same time.

The knife is using an SG-2 core which is enriched in high carbon, and stainless steel content in its structure. It is clad steel, which makes it a good supportive element along with the other things in it.

To skyrocket the durability at its best, Enso is using layered steel construction, and that too in 100+ microlayers. This knife is using 101 layers of stainless steel, which makes it one of the best durable steel cores, right after Shun’s dual cores.

This knife holds its edge, durability, and versatility for a very long time. The knife is using almost 63 HRC of Rockwell hardness, which is a sign of its exceptional strength. Besides all these things, the knife is still a lightweight blade, a good thing to see.

Cutting & Performance:

This extremely hard, and durable blade makes the knife perform at its best. The knife provides you with a legendary sharpness, that is a lot more than enough to slaughter vegetables, and fruits without any problem.

The knife just not conquers its sharpness part, it also makes fruits in its versatility. Along with the double bevel blades, the knife gives you the ability to maneuver your rocking style cuttings.

Not only that, the knife gives a very tough time to rusting, and corrosion, which eventually enhances the blade’s lifespan. The edge owns an angle of 12°, which helps it to stand out, as long as you could.

Last but certainly not the least, this knife gives a good privilege in its comfort department as well. Due to its full-tang handle, the versatility of the knife becomes top-rated for professionals, as this boy is meant for professional hands.


  • The superior edge retention
  • 101-layers of stainless steel
  • Non-Stick, & sharpest blade
  • 63HRC Rockwell hardness
  • A professional Nakiri knife


  • Nothing to complain about

8. Japanese Nakiri Knife, 3 layer 9CR18MOV-7 inch

Japanese Nakiri Knife, 3 layer 9CR18MOV-7 inch japanese style knives

Alright, if you don’t want to get expensive and premium knives as you are a beginner or casual chef, this knife is going to be another good match for your then. The knife is a launch of 2018, & now it is the 23rd best Japanese Chef knife.

Build Quality & Material:

FAMCÜTE is using a Japanese high-quality steel that features a lot of non-ferrous and chromium content in its structure. This blade is made up of 9CR18MOV stainless steel, which is a good match for regularly used culinary products.

This specific knife has got an exceptional hardness of 60 HRC on the Rockwell scale, which determines its toughness against breaking and bending out. So, this claims that it is not going to break, or chip that easily.

To make the knife non-stick, FAMCÜTE is using a traditional method of patterns, that is known as the Damascus steel pattern. Along with this, the knife holds a good edge over vegetables, as the cladding is deep, and encoded, so it won’t rust easily.

Cutting & Performance:

This inspirational knife features a very sharp blade, that is again using the same double bevel blade in its edge. The knife comes sharp out of the box, but it does not necessarily mean that.

If the knife becomes dull, you can resharpen it easily through whetstones, or Japanese knife sharpeners. As this is a high carbon steel core, the knife is fairly easy to sharpen in a matter of minutes through manual sharpeners as well.

The only thing about this knife that can be improved is its bevels at the spine. These bevels are holding a complete 90° edge, which makes the knife of the blade a true rectangular one. However, this can lead to chipping, once it falls accidentally.

So, the protection is far better than cure. Now, it is not a drawback of such knives, as they are inexpensive, and made for casual or beginners. But, the knife could become one of the best, if this would not be the case here.

Both the build, sharpness, and longevity is quite decent. Now, FAMCÜTE is also improving its handle department, as this is a natural wooden handle extracted through Rosewoods of African lands. Yes, the knife is versatile and comfortable.


  • Best for beginners
  • Easy to hold knife
  • A Pre-sharpen blade
  • Non-stick blade knife
  • A Durable steel blade


  • Handle is not so durable

9. Usuba High Carbon Pro 7” Vegetable Knife | Best Japanese Vegetable Knives

Usuba High Carbon Pro 7” Vegetable Knife

The only Usuba knife on the list that belongs to the house of Tradafor stores. This knife is another best budget Japanese knife on this list. It is a launch of the year 2017, & currently, it is ranking as the 3rd best Usuba & Nakiri Knives out there. 

Build Quality & Material:

The knife is using high-quality German high carbon steel, which was featured in Wallop’s case. If you have skimmed through Wallop’s knife, there is no need to explain this material.

Along with the high-quality manufacturing, the knife provides you with the best performance in the market, for this low price.

Cutting & Performance:

Being a German steel knife, the blade gives a more than enough sharpness even out of the box. You don’t need to sharpen it again upon arrival. This sharp blade is made to cut down any sort of vegetable for your meal preparation.

If you are a home chef, who loves to prepare meals for his homies, then this knife is a budget choice for your kitchen countertop. Not only is the knife sharp, plus it also holds its sharpness for a long time.

Once it gets dull, you can sharpen it easily as this is a high carbon steel core, which is not so hard or time-consuming to sharpen it again. The double bevel angle gives you a good room to take deep and accurate cuts.

Though, the knife does not come in any pattern on its blade, that we would call it a non-stick. But technically, there is no need at all, as this is meant for veggies. For tomatoes sort of vegetables, you can keep cleaning the knife after some time.

Overall, the knife is sharp, and lightweight which keeps its blade for a very long time. Along with this, the knife is also using a well-crafted handle, that assists you in keeping cutting veggies without losing control, stability, and comfort zone.


  • Easy to sharpen blade
  • Smooth & Sharp blade
  • Very reasonable price
  • A Double bevel angle
  • The Comfortable handle


  • Comparatively thin Blade

10. Yoshihiro VG-10 16 Layer Stainless Steel Nakiri Knife 6.5-inch

Yoshihiro VG-10 16 Layer Stainless Steel Nakiri Knife 6.5-inch

Let’s wrap up the list of the best Japanese vegetable knives with Yoshihiro’s Nakiri. This knife is a launch of 2010

Build Quality & Material:

The knife features a forged and hammered sort of blade, that owns a layered steel core inside that. This knife features a VG-10 steel core, which is a trademark of various successful Yoshihiro knives.

With its 16 layers of steel, the knife is using three layers of construction, which adds a lot of stability to its microstructure. This further leads to an exceptional hardness, as the knife is holding a Rockwell hardness of HRC 60 out of the box.

Even being a stainless steel knife, the blade is also pretty easy to sharp as compared to other steel models. Due to its flexibility, the knife stands out even better in tension when applied. Plus, it also gives good longevity to its owners.

Cutting & Performance:

This elegant piece from Yoshihiro uses an exceptional sharpness in its blade. The blade of the knife is still a double bevel that hardly hits 17° for its every side. For this reason, the knife comes pre-sharpen out of the box.

On its blade, the knife features a really good Tsuchime pattern, that makes the knife non-stick, which is a practical thing in the case of citrus fruits, and vegetables. This also holds good support on its bolster part.

For its maneuverability, the knife provides an edge over other knives when it comes to chopping, slicing, along with dicing, as well. Except for frozen things, the knife is usable and for vegetables, it stands out even better.

Besides being a sharp knife, this also gives very good support to your professional hands. This Japanese knife is packed with a comfortable wooden handle that features Mahogany wood.


  • Most lightweight knife
  • VG-10 stainless steel
  • Balanced & versatile
  • With marvelous design
  • Double bevel sharp blade


  • Handle needs finishing

11. Dalstrong 7 inch Omega Series Nakiri

Dalstrong 7 inch Omega Series Nakiri

Extending our list of the best Nakiri knives and we have once again got you with Dalstrong. This time, it is a different Nakiri from a completely different series. Dalstrong launched this boy back in 2018, and you will surely love this blade!

Build Quality & Material:

Dalstrong uses completely different steel in this blade that you may hardly find in any other edge. The entire knife is entirely different almost in every term. They are using American steel, which is known as BD1N-VX by Dalstrong. Further, they call it hyper steel due to unusual modifications.

To form a durable blade with this steel, Dalstrong incorporates nitrogen and other steel elements to come packed with superior hardness. The edge features a smooth yet challenging outlook as they further heat-treated this guy before getting the knife itself. For that reason, you will now get 63HRC Rockwell hardness.

These treatments not just enhance the durability it also optimize the blade in terms of flexibility. Without a flexible blade, you are just one drop away from losing your holy knife. So, this is advanced protection by Dalstrong for it.

Cutting & Performance:

This isn’t just a durable knife, and it is a well-performing knife at the same time. Dalstrong made this blade in a double bevel profile that provides extensive sharpness on the board. The sharp edge takes over the entire sharpness ideally.

Now, this blade has an optimized angle of 8-12° for each side, which is more than enough to be a sharp blade. On top of that, you will also get traditional Honbazuke sharpening that makes it more adorable & competitive.

Likewise, both the versatility and productivity are pretty charming with this blade. The G10 fibreglass handle adds another compliment by making the entire knife balanced, versatile and engaging out of the box. Overall, it is a full tang handle and provides an excellent cutting experience to its end-user.


  • Full-Tang & Durable Handle
  • Versatile & a sharpest blade
  • Robust & a Non-Stick blade
  • Easy to sharp & rust-resistant


  • Edge retention needs to upgrade

12. KYOKU Shogun Series 7 inch Nakiri Knife

KYOKU Shogun Series 7 inch Nakiri Knife

Next, we have got you with another best Nakiri Knife of Kyoku that belongs to their Shogun series. You will get it in a 07-inch long blade as usual, and its slightly decent weight makes it engaging even more.

Build Quality & Material:

Kyoku is putting a lot of quality here by adding the flagship Japanese VG-10 steel to make its core blade. It is not the same steel that the Shun has been using in some of its gyuto and santoku blades. So, don’t expect it to perform like a pro knife. It’s just your casual companion rather than a full-time employee.

This knife also provides a rugged profile of 60 HRC at Rockwell Hardness along with the steel build. With this hardness, the blade gets durability support along with good edge retention, so its tip won’t get bent easily.

Another thing that I forgot to mention; this knife is composed of layered stainless steel that features 67 layers of steel. This way, you will get a sufficient and enhanced build quality that you might never want to skip.

Cutting & Performance:

Despite its superb build quality, you will find its splendid performance. You will get an impressive feel of sharpness as it is a double bevel blade which is further loaded with 08-12° of angle on each side, the same as Dalstrong Omega. However, the sharpness is not the premium that we had in that case.

It has got a nicely straightened blade that provides you with a meaningful accuracy out of the box. Though it is a Nakiri knife, you can still use it for occasionally dealing with raw yet boneless meat. In any case, you will get a quality sharpness.

Alongside, this is an easy to sharpen blade that you will surely love. You will only need a whetstone along with a few minutes, and it will be sharpened nicely. However, it would be best if you get attentive. Otherwise, its blade is likely to bend. Along with that, you will get a decent and comfortable G10 handle along with a sheath.


  • Sharp & Versatile blade
  • A Maneuverable handling
  • Reasonable edge retention
  • An affordable Nakiri Knife


  • Steel quality could be improved

13. TUO 6.5 inch Fiery Series Nakiri Knife

TUO 6.5 inch Fiery Series Nakiri Knife

Here we go again with TUO’s Nakiri knife that belongs to the Fiery Series. This is the cheapest knife on this list that also features a lightweight body compared to other blades. If you want to experience how a Nakiri looks and feels in the hand, this is an acceptable option for you. However, it is not a permanent Nakiri either.

Build Quality & Material:

In this knife, TUO is now using X50CrMoV15 steel, which is neither trustworthy Japanese steel nor German steel as it wouldn’t be possible for this price. Anyway, this knife features a sophisticated build, at least for the price.

In this knife, you will be getting a Rockwell Hardness of up to 55 HRC, which is considerably softer than other knives. Of course, you won’t get good edge retention, and a couple of drops would be enough to kill this entry-level knife. However, if you could manage to protect it, it would work for a long time.

For the price, we were expecting it to be a stamped knife. However, our expectations went partially wrong as we found it to be forged. Again, it isn’t the full term and complete forging, but they have treated the steel billets, and that’s it.

Cutting & Performance:

For its cutting and performance part, the knife performs pretty much the same as expected for this price. This double bevel kitchen Nakiri knife provides enough sharpness to give a decently sharpened blade so it would serve better out there on the cutting boards.

With this, you will get almost a balanced blade and handle that feels so nice in hand. This blade is assembled nicely with a full tang yet unriveted handle in this beautifully balanced and comfortable handle. The best part is its bolster that is well located to provide decent support.

Overall, it is an excellent Nakiri knife for the price. But, with the addition of more features and cost, the blade could become one of the most impressive knives out there. Still, there isn’t anything to argue about.


  • The double bevel blade
  • With a Comfortable handle
  • Provides a decent balance
  • Quite easy to sharpen & use


  • The Steel is not impressive

Best Japanese vegetable knives in 2021 | Frequently Asked Questions

The Bottom Line | Best Japanese vegetable knives in 2021

The Best Japanese Vegetable knives are popular due to their lightweight construction, thin yet sharpest blade, durable core, and comfortable handle. This makes these knives stand out even better as compared to western knives.

To master your cutting skills, you should first try cutting vegetables as they are edible, inexpensive, and easy to store. For this, you just need to get the best Japanese knife for vegetables, and that’s it.

Although, finding these best Japanese knives are not that easy in front of a whole lot of options available out there in the market. To save you time, we have brought this list of the Best Japanese vegetable knives, so that you can keep practicing.

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