Best Santoku Knives – Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Imperial Japan used to have a fascinating and rich cultural history. They used to craft iconic things that people would love to use. Of course, we are not going to round up all the things that they make, but we will be talking about their knives.

Out of that cultural heritage, Japan is still very popular when it comes to Japanese knives. Almost all of their knives are fantastic to use, but you should never miss out on their Santoku knives. These knives are a great standby for the Gyuto knives.

These knives are attracting hosts of Western chefs due to their fantastic deliverance. If you are just starting out cooking, especially as a home chef, you should prefer Santoku knives over the knife sets because these sets are pretty expensive. So, it is better to opt for single knives either Chef or Santoku.

Now, Chef knives are also somewhat expensive. Chef knives hold a lengthened blade and versatility that costs a bit more than a Santoku. Best Santoku knives on the other hand feature a smart & versatile blade & you won’t have to pay a huge upfront. Plus, they are designed to cut in a rocking motion which is a great thing.

If you love cooking and want to make a delicious meal, opting for a knife is the first thing to do. Your knife should be sharpest and must come for a balanced profile. You usually cut veggies and some sort of meat & you must consider this.

Nothing could be better than a Santoku when it comes to chopping and slicing knives in a rocking motion especially for veggies. To help you get the ideal one, we have created this detailed guide that features the 10 Best Santoku Knives to cut like a Pro.

Why Use Santoku Knives?

There is always a reason behind anything and this reason is also for the Santoku knives. Santoku knives were designed and introduced in Japan just before the bloody WW2. The idea came from the Samurai sword of Ancient Japan.

Santoku is a Japanese word and it means three uses or three excellence. Before its discovery, the Japanese & West used to cut meat and vegetables just with a Chef or Gyuto knife. But, that knife gets dull & requires frequent sharpening.

Now, it is an alternative to heavier and expensive Chef knives. Santoku knives are meant for Cutting, Chopping, Slicing, and maybe also for Dicing. This is the reason why it is called Santoku or a knife with three uses. They are just another version of Japanese vegetable knives and Japanese cleavers to some extent.

You can use this general yet multi-purpose knife for fish, meat & vegetables. If you are a casual or home chef, you don’t need to get a knife set or dedicated knives for fish, meat, vegetables, or fruits specifically. Kudos to Santoku!

How are Santoku Knives made?

Though the Japanese are the real discoverers of this thing, you will also get Santoku in the Western knife brands like Wusthof. However, they aren’t magical and are the sharpest ones that you find in Japanese brands.

There are a couple of reasons behind this. The main reason is the cutting bevels. Japanese brands craft their blade for a single bevel design and such knives are the sharpest ones. But, the Western knives brand used to make knives on double bevels. Further, Japanese steel composition is harder than German steel.

Now, the hardness of steel affects the durability of the blade but it isn’t necessary. Knives made up of harder steel tend to be durable but are likely to chip easily. You may also need to be careful while sharpening them over the Whetstones.

But, this is not the case in Western Santoku Knives. These knives don’t chip easily and their edge doesn’t distort. They are also easy to sharpen by the way. However, their edge isn’t pretty sharp like a Japanese Santoku knife. So, this also depends on your preferences. Whether you want sharpness or you prefer durability as well.

How to Choose the Best Santoku Knives?

This is the main course on the selection of the right Santoku knife. Despite their technical aspects, Santoku knives tend to be in a smaller blade as compared to a Chef knife. These knives mostly come in a size ranging from 05 to 08-inches.

Their cutting blade isn’t designed like a Gyuto. Instead, the Santoku blade owns a flat and linear blade that provides more clearance with the cutting board. This thing makes them ideal for Rocking motion without losing responsiveness.

Their tips are not round and they make a less than average contact with the cutting board. It further helps you in dicing tomatoes and onions rapidly especially in the Japanese Santoku knives. This isn’t a deal for the Western Santoku blades.

Moreover, the Best Santoku knives hold a lighter handle & a bit hefty blade to make a perfect balance. Their blades are thin from the lower profile however their spines are a bit thicker that you can use to cut hard veggies with a bit of effort.

You must consider all these things to get the best Santoku knives. All the knives in this list are shortlisted with this criteria. To maintain your knives, Whetstones are a great choice and knife sharpeners are exceptional.

Our Top 3 Picks of Best Santoku Knives

 DALSTRONG Santoku Knife – 7″ – Shogun Series
DALSTRONG Santoku Knife – 7″ – Shogun Series
  • Color: SS 7 Santoku
  • Material: AUS-10V 67-Layers, Vacuum Treated, Nitrogen Cooled
  • Weight: 8.4 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Dalstrong Inc
Shun Premier 7″ Santoku Knife
Shun Premier 7″ Santoku Knife
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 5.4 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Kai
Imarku 7 inch 7Cr17Mov Santoku Knife
Imarku 7 inch 7Cr17Mov Santoku Knife
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 6.9 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Imarku

10 Best Santoku Knives in 2022 At A Glance

Overall Best
DALSTRONG Santoku Knife - 7 - Shogun Series
DALSTRONG Santoku Knife – 7 – Shogun Series
  • Benefits: Sharpest Double bevel blade, Durable AUS-10V steel Layer, A Rust-Resistant Plain blade, Majestic sharpness & versatility, Comfortable & full-tang handle
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Best Professional
Shun Premier 7 Santoku Knife
Shun Premier 7 Santoku Knife
  • Benefits: VG-MAX durable steel, The Double bevel blade, Versatile & Balanced knife, Full-Tang Pakkawood handle, Non-Stick & easy to sharpen blade
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Best for Beginner
TUO Santoku Knife - Asian Granton - 7 inch - Fiery Phoenix Series
TUO Santoku Knife – Asian Granton – 7 inch – Fiery Phoenix Series
  • Benefits: The Maneuverable Knife design, Double bevel & versatile knife, The Non-Stick & sharpest blade, Well-Finished Pakkawood Handle, Easy to glide & a delightful blade
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Shun DM-0702 Classic 7 inch Santoku Knife
Shun DM-0702 Classic 7 inch Santoku Knife
  • Benefits: Completely Balanced Knife, Tsuchime Non-Stick Pattern, A Double Bevel Sharp knife, Versatile & a durable knife, Responsive & wooden handle
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Most Durable
Global Cutlery Classic 5-Inch Santoku Knife
Global Cutlery Classic 5-Inch Santoku Knife
  • Benefits: Long-Lasting Durable blade, Perfect one for small hands, Balanced & Sharpest blade, Impressive metallic handle, Easy to sharpen & anti-rust
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Best for Rocking Cut
Global G 80 Hollow Ground Santoku Knife 7
Global G 80 Hollow Ground Santoku Knife 7″
  • Benefits: Non-Stick & Versatile blade, An easy to sharpen knife, With a Sharp & Balanced blade, Anti Rust Japanese Blade Santoku, Maneuverable build & performance
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Best for Casual
KYOKU Daimyo Series - Forged Santoku Knife 7
KYOKU Daimyo Series – Forged Santoku Knife 7
  • Benefits: Japanese VG10 Steel blade, A Double bevel sharp knife, Maneuverable Santoku knife, Versatile & Full-tang handle, The Best knife for casual chefs
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Most Comfortable
Shun Classic Blonde 7” Santoku Knife, Blonde
Shun Classic Blonde 7” Santoku Knife, Blonde
  • Benefits: Rust Resistant Japanese blade, A Maneuverable Santoku Knife, Double bevel sharpest blade, The Most comfortable handle
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The Most durable
Yoshihiro VG-10 Stainless Steel  7'' Japanese Santoku
Yoshihiro VG-10 Stainless Steel 7” Japanese Santoku
  • Benefits: Perfectly balanced Santoku, Maneuverable cutting blade, A Durable edge retention, Double bevel Santoku knife, Comes for an economical price
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Cheapest Santoku Knife
Imarku 7 inch 7Cr17Mov Santoku Knife
Imarku 7 inch 7Cr17Mov Santoku Knife
  • Benefits: An Easy to Sharp Santoku, The Well-Balanced blade, A Rust Resistant Santoku, Maneuverable build quality, Double bevel stamped knife
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10 Best Santoku Knives in 2022 | Tools Of Chef

1. DALSTRONG Santoku Knife – 7″ – Shogun Series

DALSTRONG Santoku Knife - 7 - Shogun Series best japanese made santoku knife

So let’s get started with our 1st Santoku knife by Dalstrong. Dalstrong launched this knife back in 2015 and they have designed it quite well balanced and lightweight. You will get a 07-inches long blade in this Santoku which you will love.

Build Quality & Material:

Being one of the most popular Japanese knives brands, Dalstrong is using the most prominent Japanese steel in the market. This knife is made up of the sharpest AUS-10 Japanese steel that composes its durable core structure.

To form this durable blade, Dalstrong has passed it through heat treatment and hot forging. This blade also features a vacuum heat treatment that enhances its hardness even more. Further, Nitrogen cooling is also integrated here as well.

Dalstrong features just do not use a steel block. Instead, they are using layered steel that is enriched in durability, sharpness and also features rust resistance as well. This knife holds 67 layers of steel that makes it quite impressive out of the box.

To make it extraordinary, Dalstrong has taken its hardness and durability to the next level. This knife has got a Rockwell hardness of up to 62 HRC. You will get almost the same hardness all across the Shogun series of Dasltrong.

Cutting & Performance:

Dalstrong just doesn’t only make their knives durable, they also make them perform. This knife is also one of those performing knives that makes you proud. From balancing to sharpness and versatility, all things are prominent here.

When looking at the blade, you undoubtedly get a premium feeling. This is a non-stick knife and Dalstrong features it with a beautifully designed texture all across the blade. So, this prevents products from being cut from slipping or sticking.

Exploring its blade even further and Dalstrong has designed this one in a double bevel design. To make it a good friend of yours, Japanese brands make their knives in double bevel design instead of single bevels, unlike traditional Japanese knives. Because those knives take a lot of time to practice as they are very sharp.

This knife is designed at a bevel of almost 12° for its one side that makes a collective yet sharpest profile of less than 25°. Now, this knife is still very sharp as compared to German knives as they don’t come under 30° bevels.

Along with that, this knife is also quite convenient in terms of maneuverability. You will get a slim blade that holds a versatile edge in the end. The edge retention is also quite decent here but you must protect it from damage or chipping.

Last but not the least, it also comes with a spectacular handle out of the box. This handle provides enhanced comfort support which is further encrypted with immense versatility. It is a full tang handle that is nicely riveted that doesn’t let it fall apart. Plus, you will also get a rubber sheath to protect it from moisture.


  • Sharpest Double bevel blade
  • Durable AUS-10V steel Layer
  • A Rust-Resistant Plain blade
  • Majestic sharpness & versatility
  • Comfortable & full-tang handle


  • Need sharpening on first use

2. Shun Premier 7″ Santoku Knife

Shun Premier 7 Santoku Knife best santoku knife reddit

Shun has taken over the list with its premier santoku knife. This knife came into the market back in 2010 and this provides it an edge over the other sort of knives. To make it a complete choice for chefs, Shun launches this knife in two different sizes. You can choose this knife from its 5.5-inches and 07-inches long blades.

Build Quality & Material:

To provide maximum value to its users, Shun is using stainless steel to form a durable core of this knife. So, it will be lasting for quite a long time out of the box. More specifically, Shun is using VG-MAX which is known as Super culinary steel.

This is layered steel that strengthens its profile even more. To be more precise, Shun doesn’t craft this blade on the machines. Instead, they have treated it manually so that you can judge from its overview.

The knife has an extended hardness as it features a Rockwell hardness of almost 60 HRC. Of course, it’s less than the Dalstrong’s boy but this knife couldn’t easily chip. If a knife is hard, then it tends to be a stiffer blade. Such blades could be fragile and they can chip easily. However, this is not the case for Shun’s Premier.

Cutting & Performance:

Let’s get to its cutting and performance part. This knife is packed with a hammered finish design that makes it a completely non-stick knife out of the box. With this hammered finish, you don’t have to keep cleaning the knife after using it a couple of times. Yet, you need to wash it perfectly, so it won’t capture rust.

Being a Shun’s knife, this guy doesn’t lack in terms of sharpness at all. This is a double bevel knife that features a 16° profile for its single side. Further, you can feel its sharpness right on your fingers when testing it out.

The knife performs quite decently on the boards and provides immense versatility. It not only features sharpness, but it also features maneuverability of its blade which is one of the main concerns for a chef. You will also love its impressive handle which is full tang and lightweight. It is a Pakkawood balanced handle.

Together with this, this knife features a true Japanese santoku profile. It has a thick spine that goes straight forward and then turns towards its edge to provide an easy to glide interface. Almost the same goes for its cutting side that goes straight and slightly turns from its end to meet the edge nicely.


  • VG-MAX durable steel
  • The Double bevel blade
  • Versatile & Balanced knife
  • Full-Tang Pakkawood handle
  • Non-Stick & easy to sharpen blade


  • Edge could be more refined & sharp

3. TUO Santoku Knife – Asian Granton – 7 inch – Fiery Phoenix Series

TUO Santoku Knife - Asian Granton - 7 inch - Fiery Phoenix Series mac santoku knife

TUO is emerging as the greatest Japanese brand in the market and their Phoenix series is known as the master series of TUO. They launched this boy back in 2016 and this knife is currently offered almost in 03 different sizes. You can select it as per your needs from the 5.5-inches, and 07 inches version out there.

Build Quality & Material:

This is the first Japanese Santoku on this list which is made up of German stainless steel known as X50CrMov15. TUO has crafted this steel quite decently and this is known as Super steel out there. Let’s dive deeper into this knife and its blade.

Though this knife is made up of stainless steel, TUO is featuring this as Alloy steel. Normally, people consider this as high carbon steel which is not the real case. Such steel features non-ferrous components along with carbon or stainless steel. This knife also has the same case.

To form this knife nicely and to make it anti-rust, this knife composes its blade with an extraordinary composition. This blade features chromium, vanadium, molybdenum along with a significant steel ratio out of the box.

All these elements are forged and heat-treated further so it will pack a nice precision here. Instead of taking its hardness to an extreme, TUO has limited it to the Rockwell hardness of up to 58 HRC. This doesn’t let the knife chip nor break.

Cutting & Performance:

Being an alloy steel knife, it performs pretty nicely on the table. The knife delivers an impressive sharpness due to such an impressive composition. It is packed with a durable blade that further features a lot of maneuverability out of the box.

This is a well-designed knife and it comes with a non-stick knife. Although it doesn’t come with any sort of Tsuchime or hammered pattern like the other Japanese knives, it still comes with some splendid things that you will love.

Just like the Wusthof knives, you will get cladding dimples on its lower sides across the blades. This provides a complete non-stick touch out of the box. Further, it is a double bevel design and it doesn’t need any intro.

Along with that, it has got quite a thick spine that improves your cutting ability. With its contoured upper edge and straight cutting blade, you will find it easy to glide even in rocking motion. Plus, it also features some sort of a bolster which is rear to get in the Japanese knives.

Last but not the least, this knife doesn’t disappoint you in the comfort part at all. If you use your knives for non stop and long sessions, you need a comfortable handle. Luckily, this is not a big deal anymore as TUO has integrated a full-tang, bolstered, versatile, and impressive Pakkawood handle.


  • The Maneuverable Knife design
  • Double bevel & versatile knife
  • The Non-Stick & sharpest blade
  • Well-Finished Pakkawood Handle
  • Easy to glide & a delightful blade


  • The cutting edge isn’t so interesting

4. Shun DM-0702 Classic 7 inch Santoku Knife

Shun DM-0702 Classic 7 inch Santoku Knife what size santoku knife is best

Shun for the second time on this list with its classic Santoku knife. This is one of the most senior launches of this list that dates back to 2001. You will not get any sort of color or size variation as it only comes in a single variation in the fleet.

Build Quality & Material:

This multi-purpose Santoku knife is made up of high-quality and Japanese stainless steel. To make it an impressive and durable knife, Shun has worked a lot harder. You can judge this element from its blade appearance, to be honest.

This santoku knife features forged and heat-treated stainless steel. With this thing, you won’t have to worry about any part in terms of its durability or longevity. In this knife, the rust resistance is also viable and makes it even more efficient.

Shun is using layered steel formation in this blade that enhances its overall profile. Instead of making it quite hard, Shun has balanced all certain things perfectly. This knife is not pretty hard and this is why it doesn’t chip or distort.

This makes it an easy to sharpen knife and it has got a Rockwell hardness of less than 58 HRC out of the box. The edge is also durable here and features decent retention. However, this edge is not the most premium one either.

Cutting & Performance:

Digging down deeper and let’s explore its cutting performance sort of things. After using layered steel, the knife has formed nicely in terms of durability. Later, this thing hosts a superb sharpness out there.

With this knife, you can chop, dice, slice, or do anything with any sort of material to cut. You can use this knife to make fillets of chicken breasts, and it is also quite convenient when it comes to vegetables, herbs, and similar types of things.

Together with this, you have got a double bevel knife that is pretty common in the Japanese knives out there. Furthermore, it features an enhanced blade that makes the entire knife pretty maneuverable without any doubt.

This is a non-stick knife that is packed with a Tsuchime sort of Damascus pattern. Last but not the least, it has got an adorable and comfortable handle. This is a Pakkawood handle just like the other Shun knives. Plus, it features a D shape and riveted handle that enhances the gripping part even more.


  • Completely Balanced Knife
  • Tsuchime Non-Stick Pattern
  • A Double Bevel Sharp knife
  • Versatile & a durable knife
  • Responsive & wooden handle


  • Edge needs a bit more care

5. Global Cutlery Classic 5-Inch Santoku Knife

Global Cutlery Classic 5-Inch Santoku Knife best santoku knife uk

Global cutlery for the first time on the list with its classic Santoku knife. This knife got launched back in 2019 and Global has updated this guy a couple of times. So, it will remain outstanding. Moreover, if you are a casual, amateur, or beginner chef and want a knife for a reasonable price; this is going to be the most ideal deal.

Build Quality & Material:

Global is completely unbeatable When it comes to building a knife for enhanced longevity, impressive deliverance, and that too for a reasonable price. The same goes for this knife as well as the other knives from Global.

This knife is composed of durable steel that is based on stainless steel of Japanese origin. To make things interesting; Global has modified this steel by adding a bit of vanadium and mainly the chromium & that’s why it is called CROMOVA 18. You will find this steel mostly in the Global knives fleet.

This addition has taken the rust-resistant element to another level and durability has also gone quite brilliant. All these things are made possible through intense forging and next-level heat treatment. HRC is still less than 62 here in this knife.

It is the first knife on the list which is ice tempered to form a durable yet hard blade. Of course, it has made the blade a bit stiffer from its edge part but it is still handleable. You just have to make sure, it won’t fall straight on its edge.

Cutting & Performance:

Moving forward to its most impressive part of cutting. Global has tried to utilize western design format in the blade of this knife and it has been successfully done pretty much. It gives a sophisticated outlook of a German knife, to be honest.

Following the traditions of manufacturing, Global has designed its blade in a double bevel pattern. With this thing, the knife delivers a razor-sharp effect on everything being cut. Of course, you must resharpen this knife properly.

In this blade, you get a gradually straight blade that features a turning style in the end. This part of the knife is quite elegant and it is a slim part. However, its spine is thick, which adds a decent balance to this entire blade.

Along with that, it is holding a durable yet the most unique handle of this entire list. Global knives feature metallic handles that you may not get in any other brand. This is a curved handle without any riveting. To make it balanced and maneuverable, Global has drilled it partially and filled them out with sand.


  • Long-Lasting Durable blade
  • Perfect one for small hands
  • Balanced & Sharpest blade
  • Impressive metallic handle
  • Easy to sharpen & anti-rust


  • Could rust if not taken care

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6. Global G 80 Hollow Ground Santoku Knife 7″

Global G 80 Hollow Ground Santoku Knife 7 best santoku knife australia

Global for the second time right in the center of this list of the Best Santoku Knives. This spectacular knife got launched back in 2015 and this specific Santoku comes only in a 07-inches long blade out there in its fleet. Let’s dive deeper into it.

Build Quality & Material:

This is an elegant knife that provides an eye-catching view, to be honest. However, we are not here in this section to forecast its beauty. We will mind our business to its build quality and material here.

To form its blade, Global is using the same CROMOVA 18 steel with a little bit of modification in the composition and manufacturing. This time, the hardness of the blade has been set to at least 58 HRC, which kills its stiffness and adds versatility to it.

This knife provides you with a complete touch of rust resistance that enhances its overall longevity. You will get enhanced durability on this entire knife. Further, its edge has also captured maneuverable retention out of the box.

Cutting & Performance:

Let’s take a thorough look at its main cutting and performance parts. This knife features a plain blade without any pattern. Global knives don’t come with any sort of pattern at all. But, most of those blades are still non-stick.

Global has tried its part to give it a complete western look. At this point, you will notice its spine is almost straight that later contours at the ending. Again, this spine is thicker as it has to provide a decent palm rest when using the larger veggies.

Moreover, this knife features a double bevel blade profile just like the other ones. But, this tends to be a lower profile. At the moment, this knife holds a bevel of up to 14° that translates into 28° for both of its sides. Still, this makes it quite lovely. Furthermore, this knife features the same handle with a bit of a different design.


  • Non-Stick & Versatile blade
  • An easy to sharpen knife
  • With a Sharp & Balanced blade
  • Anti Rust Japanese Blade Santoku
  • Maneuverable build & performance


  • Almost nothing to argue about

7. KYOKU Daimyo Series – Forged Santoku Knife 7″

KYOKU Daimyo Series - Forged Santoku Knife 7 global santoku knife

Kyoku with its exclusive knife is a must if you are looking for economical knives. This knife belongs to their Daimyo series that doesn’t need any praise. Kyoku launched this knife back in 2018 and this only comes just in a single variant.

Build Quality & Material:

As a relatively newer Japanese brand, Kyoku wants to establish itself as soon as possible. For that reason, they have adopted the latest production techniques along with the best or highest quality materials from now.

The same goes for this knife as Kyoku is using Japanese VG10 Steel here as well. As compared to traditional Japanese steel, this specific steel is modified differently. In this one, Kyoku has forged this steel to form it nicely.

For that, they have opted for layered steel. This knife has a stainless steel core of 67 layers, making it the top-class knife on the list. These microlayers host the steel blade and the pressure on it responsively.

This way, the blade doesn’t crack and it doesn’t chip easily. Another reason for that; this steel has got a Rockwell hardness of no more than 58 HRC. This helps in forming a durable blade without any significant toughness or stiffness.

Cutting & Performance:

This knife is offered for a very competitive price that you will be loving. In this knife, Kyoku has put a lot of effort. Here, you have got a rust-resistant knife that doesn’t capture rust easily. Further, it also holds impressive edge retention.

When it comes to maneuverability, this knife is designed as a well-balanced knife out of the box. Its 07-inches long blade is quite versatile as a Santoku knife blade and you will find it pretty much an easy to glide knife.

This has got a non-stick touch on its blade but it doesn’t work as attractive as such. Alongside, Kyoku uses western style cladding dimples on the lower end of its blade that still works some sort of impressively. Further, its handle is also quite comfortable and you can easily keep it using for quite longer sessions.


  • Japanese VG10 Steel blade
  • A Double bevel sharp knife
  • Maneuverable Santoku knife
  • Versatile & Full-tang handle
  • The Best knife for casual chefs


  • Not to use with the bones

8. Shun Classic Blonde 7” Santoku Knife, Blonde

Shun Classic Blonde 7” Santoku Knife, Blonde global santoku knife review

Shun for the third and last time on this mighty list of the best Santoku knives. This is one of the latest launches by Shun that dates back to 2020. Further, it doesn’t come with any sort of blade size or handle color variant across its launched fleet.

Build Quality & Material:

Just like the last Shun knife on this list, it also features almost the same alloy steel. This steel forms its core blade structure that adds a lot of durability to its blade so it will easily last for a long time out of the box.

Shun is using VG-MAX Japanese steel with some anti-rust composition in it. This is a layered steel knife that also captures cladding as well. Here, this knife is formed through forging and assistive heat treatment.

Cutting & Performance:

Exploring its blade performance and it is spectacular, to be honest. This blade has got a maneuverable blade design that features a Damascus pattern which is meant for providing a non-stick touch to it.

This blade is well designed and it enhances your productivity pretty much. The knife doesn’t need any significant effort when it comes to resharpening. You can either use whetstones or machine sharpeners as per your needs.

Further, it features a decisive blade that is packed with extensive sharpness. This blade never lacks in terms of maneuverability. It has got a completely straight and thick spine that serves you while cutting in a rocking motion.

Further, this knife turns downwards and it meets with the edge part making a significantly sharp edge out there. Almost the same goes for its cutting profile. However, it gradually tapers upwards and features a thin cutting blade.

Along with that, the knife features one of the most delightful handles that you will ever find in the Shun knives. This is made up of Pakkawood and Shun has crafted it so nicely in a D shape profile. It is encrypted with an end cap and bolsters in front. Further, its blonde wood color texture takes its beauty to the next level.


  • Rust Resistant Japanese blade
  • A Maneuverable Santoku Knife
  • Double bevel sharpest blade
  • The Most comfortable handle


  • The sheath was necessary here

9. Yoshihiro VG-10 Stainless Steel  7” Japanese Santoku

Yoshihiro VG-10 Stainless Steel  7'' Japanese Santoku global chef's knife

If you want to feel a traditional Santoku in your life; Yoshihiro has made your dream fairly true. This knife dates back to 2010 and it only comes in a single size of a 07-inches long blade and that’s it. Let’s dive deeper into this Santoku.

Build Quality & Material:

Yoshihiro is using their custom stainless alloy steel to form this miraculous knife out of the box. This knife is holding a core structure of VG-10 Japanese steel and Yoshihiro adds two layers of it in this specific knife.

They have made this knife completely on the traditional making process rather than opting for the bulk production equipment. This is the reason why it is a bit expensive. However, this specific knife is still pretty economical by the way.

To craft a better knife Yoshihiro has tried its best. This is not a stiff but a hard knife and this is why they have set its Rockwell hardness to up to 60 HRC on the table. It ensures durability pretty much, but you must protect this knife from damages.

Together with this, the knife also holds maneuverable edge retention that you should never skip. This is a responsive knife in terms of corrosion and it won’t capture rust pretty easily. Further, sharpening it out is not a big deal at all.

Cutting & Performance:

Yoshihiro has been popular in making versatile and durable knives rather than beautiful ones. This Santoku is also packed with immense versatility and it features almost the same traditional design out of the box.

Appearance aside; you get a pre-sharpen blade in this knife that never needs to be sharpened once again. You can simply use this knife just right after unboxing it out. When looking at its design, you will notice its different sort of edge design.

Furthermore, this knife gets a thick spine that holds a straight profile till its edge nearest the end. For its blade, it gradually starts getting narrow when traveling from its handle towards its end where it meets the spine of the blade.

With this blade, you get a responsive and maneuverable cutting ability. For its handle, this is the simplest one on this list. You do get a riveted and graspable handle. But this design could be improved. However, this knife holds a bolster that strengthens and balances the entire knife.


  • Perfectly balanced Santoku
  • Maneuverable cutting blade
  • A Durable edge retention
  • Double bevel Santoku knife
  • Comes for an economical price


  • The handle isn’t full tang

10. Imarku 7 inch 7Cr17Mov Santoku Knife

Imarku 7 inch 7Cr17Mov Santoku Knife global santoku knife set

Finishing up this list of the Best Santoku knives with Imarku’s Santoku that has earned the cheapest Santoku of the list. Imarku has launched this knife back in 2020 and this doesn’t come with any sort of color or size variation out there.

Build Quality & Material:

This is the only knife that comes with high carbon steel formation on this list. The knife isn’t made through forging. Instead, Imarku is using stamped blades in this knife that make them pretty economical knives. Along with that, the Rockwell hardness doesn’t exceed 56HRC at all.

The knife is still some sort of a rust-resistant blade even though it is not made up of stainless steel. Instead, Imarku is using chromium or stainless steel finishing on this knife, which temporarily protects this knife from capturing rust out there.

Cutting & Performance:

Imarku has designed this Santoku just like a German knife. You get completely the same blade design and partially bolstered handles. All these things make it another great choice for beginners to maneuver such knives affordably.

Other than that, Imarku has precisely sharpened its blade and this part never lacks as such. This knife provides great maneuverability to cut and you won’t have to push it hard just to make cuts. Instead, it is very feasible in terms of chopping also.

Moreover, this knife also gets some heat treatment just to add some durability or longevity to its blade. This blade holds a cladding pattern that makes it some sort of a non-stick Santoku. Plus, its full tang & balanced handle is also doing their best.


  • An Easy to Sharp Santoku
  • The Well-Balanced blade
  • A Rust Resistant Santoku
  • Maneuverable build quality
  • Double bevel stamped knife


  • Not meant for long-term use

Best Santoku Knives Frequently Asked Questions

Summing Up the 10 Best Santoku Knives 

Santoku knives are getting popular due to their impressive deliverance, sharpest blades, and economical price. If you want an all-rounder for your kitchen that cuts hosts of products without hesitation a Santoku knife is the best choice to opt for.

Best Santoku knives are useful for both Beginners, Casual, Home & Professional chefs. These knives are rightly balanced and their handles are spectacular in terms of design, comfort, and durability. Their blades deliver sharp & precise cuts.

Santoku knives feature a thin blade with a thicker yet durable spine. They also host a flat cutting profile making lesser contact with the cutting board to deliver a sharp and responsive cut to the product.

Further, you can use the Best Santoku knives for fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, and almost everything. You no longer need to get a specific knife for specific cutting when Santoku is here for a reasonable price. This list covers some of the best Santoku that you must know. Give this guide a skimmed look & pick your best one.

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