10 Best Kitchen Knife Sheaths To Keep You Safe in 2024

Knives are beautiful and very important for a chef especially if it has got an amazing sharpness on its blade.

This will provide a superior sharpness when hitting any ingredient on the cutting boards.

However, if it is sharpened more than enough, it will surely tear things apart due to its edge and even its cutting line!

If you like to move around or travel often with your knives, you must get a kitchen knife sheath to prevent any injury.

The sole purpose of any kitchen knife blade guard is to protect you from cuts and injuries or to keep your other stuff free of scratches.

But, finding the best kitchen knife sheaths is a bit challenging.

Well, there’s nothing to worry about as we have got you captured with this amazing knife blade cover guide. We have made it easy for you to consider while looking for knife sheaths along with types of covers.

Alongside, you will also get our recommendations on it along with kitchen knives that come with a sheath and some knife bags as well.

So, fasten your belt & keep moving ahead!

Best Kitchen Knife Sheaths | How to Choose A Sheath for your Kitchen Knife

Alright, guys! Let us make things clear first. There is no kind of universal rule to getting the best knife sheath but it all depends on one’s requirements and assessments. As per our experience and most other chefs, you will get to know sort of a checklist in order to find the best one!

  • Size & Dimension

Well, the size of a blade matters and you can never get the perfect match for your knife without it. The reason is that there is a lot of variation in knife sizes in terms of blade length, width, dimension, and even thickness. Each chef has its own preference and there’s not even a standard size of manufacturing.

A knife from Shun and Miyabi might have the same blade length but their width and taper would still be different. So, don’t expect if your Shun knife’s sheath is okay then it must match with the Miyabi blade. If it does, it’s good. But, if it isn’t, don’t panic then as we have a solution for this as well.

You can still get the sheath that fits your blade perfectly if you want it for a special knife. However, getting slightly larger can help in holding multiple knives of different sizes. You need to make sure your knife doesn’t move a lot inside the sheath. Also, it shouldn’t be tight enough that getting the knife out would become a problem. If you get a set, it would be the best gift for your knives.

  • Safety & Quality

Right after the size, make sure that the guard is easy to use for you. It should be easy to clean and its build quality should be enough to last. Try to get a sheath with a rubber or leather interior for good manoeuvrability and a scratchless body.

Otherwise, wooden and plastic still work well. Further, the guard should be safe itself which is the core component to get a knife. You can relate to its build quality to make sure things are in the right direction. Also, don’t wash your knife guards in the dishwashers as they are not meant for that. Manual washing is best and you wouldn’t even need to wash it if you insert the knife after cleaning it properly.

  • Price & Style

Here comes another important point when choosing the right sheath for kitchen knives and that is the price of course. Well, knife sheaths are not expensive at all. If you can afford a great knife for over 100 bucks, these sheaths can come for 10 times cheaper. You will still get some variation in the price as they set the price as per material, quality, size, and type of kitchen knife sheaths.

For its style, the sheaths are designed according to the style of the blade. For example, if you get a sheath for Chef Knife, it isn’t going to work for Santoku or vegetable knives. Similarly, a Nakiri sheath doesn’t work for chef knives.

Types of Knife Covers

Now, there are a couple of types in the knife covers too in terms of build quality and material. But, they basically fall in the plastic and wooden build category. So, let’s take a look here.

  • Plastic Knife Covers

Starting from the plastic knife covers which are the currently most commonly used sheaths in the market. The main reason for its popularity is its economical pricing and usability. Plastic knife covers are mostly made up of ABS, PVC, and polyester materials that are lightweight and flexible as well.

The durability is never up to mark, but it gets the work done. The color fade is common with plastic covers but if you opt for the best ones, this won’t be a problem at all. Also, they are easy to clean and you can expect a better life with them.

  • Wooden Knife Covers

The next one is the wooden covers which are not so common compared to plastic covers, but they feature an extended performance and life. Wooden knife covers are a little expensive as Wood is involved in it which is a bit more expensive material than plastic. But, wooden knife covers are worth it in the end!

Wooden covers are the best match for your important and premium knives as your knives are sharp and wooden covers don’t let the blade penetrate into them. Even if it gets, the blade won’t be chipped. Eventually, these wooden covers last longer and they also extend the life of your knives too.

If you have got Japanese knives, you should use these covers. Some brands offer these covers by default and they are called Saya. Saya is made up of Mongolian wood and Mahogany wood most importantly. This doesn’t absorb the water because Sayas are mostly heated woods that block the pores of the wood. They are mostly the same size so it is not specific to a knife and it covers the entire blade.

Chef Knife Sheaths

Chef knives are the most commonly used knives across the world. A kitchen arsenal is incomplete without a chef knife as it helps deal with almost all sorts of tasks. You can use it to cut and chop veggies and fruits along with some soft meat and general cutting daily. Overall, it is a common and durable knife.

So, you would like to have a sheath for your chef knives and this is why we have a dedicated section on this guide for you guys.

8-inch Chef Knife Sheath & Guard

In chef knives, the 8-inch blade is the common blade length as it is pretty handy, easy to control, and a versatile size. So, we have selected the three best sheaths and a guard of different materials but an amazing quality that you should look at.

  1. Plastic 8-Inch Chef Knife Sheath Set by EverPride
Plastic 8-Inch Chef Knife Sheath Set by EverPride Best Kitchen Knife Sheaths

EverPride has set things pretty affordable and if you are looking to get a plastic sheath, this is a great one to consider. You will get this sheath in a set of two that protects up to 2 knives of a 08-inch long blade. Although it is made up of plastic, its interior is a bit soft due to ABS. It has a width of 2-inch so you can use it to put chef knives of any brand without any problem.

  1. Chef Knife Blade Leather Protector by Chef Defender
Chef Knife Blade Leather Protector by Chef Defender

If you don’t prefer Plastic sheath and Saya seems a bit expensive to you, the leather knife protector by Chef Defender is still the best option. This specific protector is not 8-inch as it is meant for Santoku knives of up to 7-inch blades. But, it is nicely stitched to ensure good strength and longevity.

The interior is obviously pretty soft due to leather and it doesn’t scratch the blade at all. Moreover, the sheath is easy to clean, lightweight, and features a good opening. So, it can be used for any type of Santoku of up to 07-inch length and 02 inches in width. This is unbreakable so you can expect a good life with this sheath.

  1. 8 Inch Mercer Culinary Knife Guard
8 Inch Mercer Culinary Knife Guard Best Kitchen Knife Sheaths

If you are looking to get a Knife Blade Guard, Mercer has got you with their 08-inch knife guard which is pretty easy to use and clean. It features the right size so you can use it to keep chef knives of any brand. Your knives would now stay sharp, free of rust, and in perfect condition. This is made up of plastic and Mercer offers a lot of variation in its sizes. You can pick as per your requirements.

Nakiri Knife Sheath

Cangshan Ash Wood Magnetic 7-Inch Knife Sheath

Nakiri knives are amongst the commonly used knives that are used to chop and slice vegetables. For that, we have got this Cangshan sheath that is made up of Ash wood. This sheath features amazing durability and this is why it’s expensive. Anyways, you can get this sheath for any type of knife and any blade length. It is heat-treated to extend its performance and make it stain-free.

Kitchen Knife Sheaths Set

10P Plastic Knife Edge Guards for Chef

Well, if you have a lot of knives in your arsenal of random size and type or you want to give all of them a sheath, the best option would be to get a set. This set is meant for providing a budget solution for your knives without breaking your bank. All these guards are made up of ABS and they can fit knives of almost any brand.

You will get up to 10 knife sheaths of universal dimension. There is a pair of 5-inch long sheaths that houses paring knives with a width of no more than an inch. Then, you get a pair of 6-inch long sheaths, another one of 8.5-inch and 10.5-inch similarly. These ones can hold up to 2.25-inch wide blades.  Likewise, there is a sheath for 12-inch long and 1.25-inch wide blades along with the same length yet 2.25-inch width. You can use it for the chef, vegetable, santoku, paring, and utility knives.

Japanese Knife Sheaths | Best Kitchen Knife Sheaths

  1. Saya Beach Wood Sheath By Shun
Saya Beach Wood Sheath By Shun Best Kitchen Knife Sheaths

Shun launched this amazing Saya which is a nice craftsmanship of beach wood. If you have got an 8-inch long chef knife blade, it would be a great match for you. Shun features a simple yet decent finish for added beauty to your kitchen.

The Shun knives would amazingly fit into this while other ones may not. If you have lost your existing Saya, it is a great option in that case too. The color won’t fade if you prefer washing it by hand and warm water.

  1. Yoshihiro Magnolia Wood Saya for 8.25” Chef Knife
Yoshihiro Magnolia Wood Saya for 8.25” Chef Knife

Here comes the greatest Japanese knife sheath of all time by Yoshihiro. This wooden Saya is made up of Mongolian wood and it is as presented as you get with any Yoshihiro knife. This is an amazing sample of Yoshihiro’s craftsmanship when you take a look at its simple yet sleek look. This Saya works well for all Yoshihiro knives and even with some other Japanese knives. The safety pin is also given.

Kitchen Knife with Sheath

It is not always necessary to separately get a knife and a sheath. If you are planning to get a knife, you should prefer kitchen knives with a cover so you don’t have to pay an additional amount. But, if you are not planning to get a knife but just a sheath, it is okay then. Here, you will get the best knives that come along with a cover. Most of these knives are Japanese knives, so you can have a good performance.

Yoshihiro NSW 46L 6.3 inch Vegetable Chef knife with Saya Best Kitchen Knife Sheaths

Yoshihiro was the first one to establish the tradition of offering knives along with sheaths and it is gladly accepted by chefs. This is a Vegetable knife that is made up of VG10 steel and features a Rockwell hardness of up to 60HRC making it a durable and strengthened Japanese knife. Find more about it here.

Kitchen Knife Bags

Knife bags are best when it comes to storing kitchen knives in bulk and it is the best solution for professional chefs. If you are just a casual or home chef, you can skip this out. You can put all your important knives in this bag and travel without any problem. Culinary students, travelers, and parents can use it for the safe usage of their knives. There are multiple designs even in this thing and they are expensive.

Detachable & Travel Friendly Knife Roll Bag Leather

This is a roll design bag made up of leather to provide great protection to your utensil and knives in case of a rainy day out. It has got several colors and can’t list them all. The bag is nicely stitched and they have used high-quality leather. You have got two buckles to pick and wear on your shoulders if you want. Otherwise, there is a stitched handle right on its top. You can store up to 10 kitchen knives in this bag. Moreover, there are a couple of pockets inside it.

Waxed Canvas Knife Roll Bag

Well, if you want a simple and cheaper option, we have got you a waxed knife roll bag that is easy to carry and lightweight as well. You can use this bag for up to 11 kitchen knives of any type and lengths of up to 18 inches. This is a portable and durable bag that would be a good fit for culinary students.

Kitchen Knife Sheaths | Frequently Asked Questions

Wrapping Up The Kitchen Knife Sheaths

The need for a kitchen knife sheath is increasing day by day as many people have now realized the importance of having one with them. If you are a traveler or you bring your knife along with you wherever you go, having the knife blade guard should be your priority. It protects you from injuries and the blade stays safe itself.

A knife cover is still among your needs even if you don’t travel or you keep your knives in the kitchen. These covers can add another layer of protection. A knife falling off the countertop without a sheath is more likely to get damaged than a knife with a cover on it. If you keep your knives in drawers, it will still mean a lot as you don’t want to mistakenly cut your finger by running it on unorganized knives.

Now, there might be several sheaths available but not every single one is worth it. So, we had to filter the best kitchen knife sheaths for our readers so they can get the best value in return. This guide covers the best options for sheaths along with their type and a few knife bags. All these options are economical and durable as well!

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